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Skating Club - The Unfound Sound

Front Cover

Full-length CD
Nov 2004

The Unfound Sound is Skating Club's third full-length and their first release on Kimchee. While Unfound retains the engaging experimental sonic elements and down-tempo indie pop charm of the previous critically acclaimed Skating Club records, the sound on this record pushes farther into the pop realm. It is bedtime music that will stay in your head the next day. It also might claim a stylistic place in the still somewhat unheralded canon of music flowing from Nick Drake to Red House Painters. The album's title plays a little on the difficulty of getting independent music out into the world.

Skating Club has always been part extended family and part pick-up soccer game. Members often come and go with different sessions and tours depending on everyone's schedule and needs. The essential player, however, has always been songwriter Aubrey Anderson. Aubrey's approach to The Unfound Sound was considerably different than on the last two records: this time he played almost every instrument himself and worked in relative isolation rather than collaborating with others as he has done in the past. The result is a more focused musical narrative that's as personal as a memoir. And for the listener, it's a musical experience as invigorating yet comforting as your morning cup of coffee.

Skating Club [bio]


The Long Hot July
San Francisco
The Unfound Sound
Summer Time
Pretty Soon
Panic and Doubt
The Spirit of the Stairs
Beach Tar Footsie
Count to Ten
Headphones and Distance

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