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Paula Kelley - The Trouble with Success or How You Fit into the World

Front Cover

Full-length CD
Sep 2003

With The Trouble with Success or How You Fit into the World, Paula Kelley has created something unmatched in beauty and pop smarts. This is the baroque masterpiece that suggests everything she's done before was but the apprenticeship. Enhanced by a veritable army of 38 musicians, The Trouble With Success boasts a brilliant array of instrumental hues lavished upon songs as irresistible as anything a pop hook connoisseur might pine for in these post-rock times. Throughout Paula proves herself a virtual sorceress when it comes to putting an intoxicating spin on an arrangement.

You might find elements of The Left Banke, Burt Bacharach, and The Divine Comedy in her mix, as well as hints of The Cardigans, Todd Rundgren, Ennio Morricone and Dusty Springfield in places...and don't forget Love, Tahiti 80, Cardinal, and The Bee Gees. But to emphasize the obvious, it's really all Paula's vision, with the indispensable assistance of the rest of her five-piece band and numerous other players, including Eric Matthews (known for his own albums on Sub Pop) on flugelhorn and trumpet. And in "I'd Fall in Love With Anyone" you get the full orchestra, complete with woodwind, brass, and string sections for a sound rarely attempted in the realm of indie pop. Paula Kelley has truly arrived at that place where popular music attains the sublime.

On this recording, Paula sings as well as plays guitar, piano, harpsichord, and organ. She's accompanied by Jeff Norcross (drums); Jim Collins (bass, vocals); Aaron Tap (guitar, vocals); Carlene Barous (piano, vocals); Eric Matthews (trumpet, flugelhorn); Chris Barrett (trumpet); Don Anderson (trumpet); Mary Jane Rupert (harp); The PK Orchestra (strings, woodwinds, brass); and The PK Choir (vocals).

Paula Kelley [bio]


My Finest Hour (Enter)
A New Time   > mp3 (2.8MB)
Could There Be Another World
The Girlfriend
How Many Times
My Finest Hour   > mp3 (2.8MB)
The Rest Of You
I'd Fall In Love With Anyone
Night Racer
September Eyes
Friday Came
Where Do You Go
My Finest Hour (Exit)

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