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SUNTAN - Send You Home

Front Cover

Full-length CD
May 2003

It's been a long cold six months since they introduced themselves with their self-titled EP, but SUNTAN, Boston's new psychedelic torch-bearers, are back with the complete statement. Send You Home is revelatory. Its huge lysergic buzz envelops the senses, as if pulling all the sounds of the world into its dense sonic weave. The songs seem to emanate from a serene place and aspire to plateaus of joy, with the 4-piece SUNTAN's effects-laden guitars and drum and organ swells pushing whatever envelope their melodies are threatening to burst out of. Things can get pretty massive. Even their cover of the Them garage standard "I Can Only Give You Everything" becomes a hairier beast, drenched with reverb and galloping grandly toward something bigger than a two-car. This is the only track herein that approaches traditional airplay-friendly length. The other five (discounting an interlude that actually acts as the intro to "King Felix") ask for more time and earn it, never failing to engage during their extra minutes. "Every Night" and "Send You Home," bring the album to a resplendent conclusion. The former, like "King Felix", employs the "Army of Taros", overdubbed violin courtesy of Taro Hatanaka of Victory at Sea, and engineer Andrew Schneider's bass enters in as well (which does not make this album "bass-less in fact"). The 12-minute title piece is like a giant cumulus, generous in length and leitmotif, floating like a disembodied thing of beauty. It transports the listener and this epic disc to its rather magnificent close.

If last year's SUNTAN EP was the sound of a band entering the space-rock wilderness, occasionally flirting with chaos amidst their obvious predilection for the sublime, then Send You Home finds them full of grace, unhurried and self-assured in their ability to blow your mind. This is a must-have for fans of the past four decades of guitar-heavy head music, from '60's Quicksilver Messenger Service to '70s Television to '80s Rain Parade to '90s Spacemen 3. In the aughts it may be SUNTAN who burns the brightest.

SUNTAN [bio]


Rising For You
The Next Ones
I Can Only Give You Everything
Wiles/Lecube Interlude
King Felix
Every Night
Send You Home
    I. Driver
    II. Ghost Rites
    III. Home

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