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Clairvoyants - Your New Boundaries

Clairvoyants - Your New Boundaries (front cover)

Full-length CD
May 2001

Limited-edition hand-press

This is the brooding and devastatingly beautiful debut by Clairvoyants. Your New Boundaries is both haunting and haunted. A record about loss and estrangement, Your New Boundaries balances the elegaic and the comforting with songs that are part lullaby, part nocturne.

Your New Boundaries presents an elegant relation of form and content: lush, dark, harmonic colors encapsulate and enhance the emotionally charged lyrics. Beneath the often complex and beautiful harmonic structures lies a dissonance that echoes the resentment and secret aggression underlying the narratives. The songs take the scale and character of a brutally stark intimacy and the grandiosity of an undefeated wish.

Kimchee's Andy Hong first heard this record when he was working on another project at Peerless Mastering. Curious about a reel of tape labeled "Clairvoyants," Andy asked Peerless's Jeff Lipton about the tape. Upon listening to the first few songs, Andy said this: "The most incredible album I've heard in years. I was amazed at how it had an immediate effect on me. I could feel the tears welling up deep inside me."

Your New Boundaries was written and performed by Brian Dunn with Colin Rhinesmith recording, engineering and playing keyboards, Joe McMahon on double bass, Steve Scully on drums, and Barry Riese on horns.

The CD comes in a handsome, individually-numbered, limited-edition, letter-press package from our dear friends at Interrobang Letterpress. Only 500 were made.



To Reassure
Camera on a Track
After the Accident
For Granted   > mp3 (1.8MB)
You Will Miss the Autumn
How is your Memory?
Yes, I Waited a Year...
New Name
The Hungry Ghosts
Song against Suicide
Surface of the Water
To Harm   > mp3 (2.4MB)
Your New Boundaries

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