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Rosa Chance Well

Rosa Chance Well (front cover)

Full-length CD
May 2001

Vanessa Downing and Dean Taormina, both formerly of Art Monk Construction artists Samuel (and Vanessa of the late Wicked Farleys), finally deliver their long-awaited debut disc. Super-engaging, sophisticated pop that is making true believers of many.

Jeff Goddard and Gavin McCarthy of Karate are the rhythm section on half the cuts, and Chris Brokaw (Come, The New Year) also helps out on a couple.

Delusions of Adequacy calls this CD "sexy" and "a dreamy delight."

babysue/LMNOP says: "Mmmmmm...tasty. Mighty tasty stuff. As much as we have tried, we cannot come up with any appropriate comparisons.... The duo possesses a great many traits that are usually absent in modern pop acts. Specifically we find these elements to be (1) a wonderful sense of melody, (2) great lyrics, (3) superb vocals, and (4) an admirable lack of restraint."

Rosa Chance Well [bio]


A Wonderful Life
There's Nothing Left to Spend
Natural Disaster
Winter Chronicles
And So Then Were We
Bad Moon Rising
We Wore Long Sleeves
Parasol, Kites and Embers
The Kingdom
Drink Drank Sunk
Bell's Inn

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