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27 - Angel's Share

27 - Angel's Share (vinyl)

7'' single (picture disc)
May 2001

Presenting two deliberate songs of minimilist pop rapture by the band 27.

27 is singer/guitarist Maria Christopher (ex-Dirt Merchants), bassist Ayal Naor (ex-many heavy bands like Spore, Anodyne, Luca Brasi), and drummer/clarinetist Neil Coulon. This is an irresistable package: a stunningly handsome 7-inch picture disc with songs to die for. And a good indication of what kind of sounds to look forward to in the winter when 27 releases their full-length Animal Life on Kimchee Records.

Vintage photos of Maria's family on both sides of the vinyl 7''.

27 [bio]


Angel's Share
Devil's Play

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