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v/a - Pipeline!

v/a - In My Living Room (front cover)

Compilation CD featuring
40 bands & 40 tracks

A double-CD compilation with 40 bands and 40 tracks, all recorded on Pipeline!, a live local music program aired on WMBR Radio. A mini-history of Boston Rock from 1989 to 1996. Ass-kicking, studio sound quality! 'Nuf said.

The Boston Phoenix called this CD "the best local-music crash course since Ace of Hearts' Wasted Years compilation".

Regarding the release party for the compilation, The Noise wrote, "Bob Dubrow (WMBR's Pipeline/ Kimchee Records) managed to bring together some of the best bands in the history of local rock for a celebration of one of the longest running local music shows in town."


Disc One

 1  Dambuilders          Digitized
 2  The 360's            Hang It Up
 3  Gigolo Aunts         Star 69
 4  Milkmoney            Leash
 5  Morphine             Scratch
 6  Orangutang           Best of Enemies
 7  Otis                 Smith and Wesson
 8  The Cavedogs         Leave Me Alone
 9  Roger Miller         Kuchkah Tay Zod
10  Anastasia Screamed   Marquee Moon
11  Twig                 Breed
12  Mung                 Dope
13  Green Magnet School  Two Fold
14  King Moon Razor      Countrified/C'mon
15  Tree                 Inside Out
16  Scarce               Cry Me a River
17  Prickly              Sposeta be a Funeral
18  6L6                  Till then
19  The Vehicle Birth    Two Minutes Hate
20  Lou Barlow           Skull

Disc Two

 1  Bulkhead             A Dong Market
 2  Cordelia's Dad       Brother Judson
 3  The Queers           I Met Her at the Rat
 4  The Bags             Wail
 5  Syrup USA            Rosy, Why
 6  The Zulus            High Tide
 7  Slughog              Poor
 8  Come                 Brand New Vein
 9  Big Dipper           Extraordinary Worm
10  Buffalo Tom          Larry
11  Helium               Lucy
12  Flying Nuns          Summer
13  Bullet Lavolta       Mother's Day / BloodStains
14  Moving Targets       Faith
15  Smackmelon           Raymond
16  Dirt Merchants       W
17  Pie                  Sink This Ship
18  Christmas            Scissors Paper Stone
19  The Upper Crust      Ne'er-Do-Well
20  Fuzzy                Miss the Mark

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