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Torrez [bio]

Band Photo

Kim Torres (guitars, vocals, optigan)
Sidney Alexis (guitars, keyboards, mellotron, omnichord, effects)
John Greiner (drums)
Chris Greiner (bass)

The nucleus of Torrez has always been Kim Torres and Sidney Alexis. The two met at the University of New Hampshire in 1998 and were supposed to get married...but never did. They moved to Spain instead for five months, living without electricity or running water. Upon their return to the US, Kim, despite not having yet picked up a guitar, had songs pouring out of her. Torrez was formed, rhythm sections came and went, and in 2000 their debut album Wildhorse was self-released. It was lauded in Tape Op: "Those who connect with Tom Waits, Sparklehorse and Mazzy Star should really lock themselves up in a dark room with this material."

Last year Kim and Sid heard John Greiner after hours at a party jamming on drums and left there most impressed. His brother Chris just happened to play bass, and so the Greiner rhythm duo were brought into the mix. Torrez was now ready to record their second record, The Evening Drag, which makes good on the promise of their debut. Kim Torres' voice is confident, sultry and aching. The mix of her and Sid's guitars and keyboard gadgetry is more lovingly measured. And the Greniers ground these songs' often ghostly twang on drums and bass.


The Evening Drag (2002 Kimchee Records)

Wildhorse (2000 self-released)

Performed with

Spoon, Reo Speedwagon, Kay Hanley, Bill Janovitz, Styx, Eddie Money



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