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Seekonk [bio]

Band Photo

Dave Noyes (classical guitar, rhodes piano, vocals, keyboards, cello, trombone)
Patrick Corrigan (electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, drums, vibraphone, keyboards, amplified birdcage)
Jason Ingalls (drums, xylophone, percussion)
Todd Hutchisen (electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, Rhodes piano)
Sara Ramey (vocals)
Shana Barry (vocals, theremin, keyboards on For Barbara Lee)

Dave's first instrument was the trombone. He once worked with David Bowie. He's a vinyl record freak and sous chef.

Patrick picked up his first musical instrument, the guitar, at age 27. He was accepted into his first band when he told them he could play the drums. He could. He just never had before. He's a painter and illustrator.

Jason has an extensive knowledge of musical trivia. He has the keen ability of finding unusual objects that sound good when hit with a stick.

Todd used to sing in a church choir. He is a wiz when it comes to equipment of all stripes.

Shana once lived in a converted ambulance. She is also a painter and sculptor.

Sara has replaced Shana as lead singer for Seekonk.

Seekonk played its first show as a 3-piece in March 2002 at an art opening, having been together for less than two months. They had only five originals and two covers (by Neil Young and Low) in their repertoire. The five-piece represented on their Kimchee debut consolidated that summer, began committing some songs to tape in the fall, and recorded For Barbara Lee in March 2003 at Big Sound with Jonathan Wyman engineering. All Music Guide calls the album "a bewitching fusion of slowcore, dream pop, and post-rock."


For Barbara Lee (2003 Kimchee Records)

Performed with

Carla Bozulich, Nels Cline, The Radar Brothers



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