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Paula Kelley [bio]

Band Photo

Pure pop auteur Paula Kelley began her career riding a wave of college-press hype and European touring during her stint as a supporting player in early '90s American shoegazers the Drop Nineteens. She left them before their demise in 1994 to pursue a vehicle for her own songwriting. The brief one-shot indie rock result was Hot Rod, also featuring John Dragonetti (of Jack Drag fame) on guitar. Boy Wonder came next, formed in 1996 and well-known in Boston for their glorious bubblegummy pop. By the end of the decade Paula was ready to indulge her pop muse fully in the less confining role of solo songwriter. Nothing/Everything arrived in 2001 and successfully demonstrated her drift into the more pristine waters of pop music while leaving the volume and vigor of alternative rock behind. With her latest, The Trouble with Success or How you Fit into the World on Kimchee, Paula Kelley's music achieves infectious and elegant heights only hinted at before.


The Trouble with Success or How You Fit into the World (2003 Kimchee Records)

Nothing/Everything (2001 Stop, Pop, and Roll Records)

Break the Spell, Etc. EP with Boy Wonder (1999 Jackass Records)

Wonder-Wear with Boy Wonder (1997 Cherrydisc/Roadrunner Records)

Mission to Destroy b/w Backyard 7-inch with Boy Wonder (self-released)

Speed - Danger - Death with Hot Rod (1993 Caroline Records)

Delaware with Drop Nineteens (1992 Caroline/Hut Records)

Winona b/w My Aquarium 7-inch (1992 Caroline/Hut Records)

Your Aquarium EP with Drop Nineteens (1992 Caroline/Hut Records)

Performed with

The New Pornographers, Tahiti 80, Cinerama



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