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Nedelle [bio]

Band Photo

Nedelle Torrisi (vocals)
Simone Rubi (Wurlitzer electric piano)
Nino Moschella (drums)
Adrian Meier-Dentzel (bass)
David Copenhafer (guitar)

Nedelle grew up singing to herself and her family in the sleepy town of Vacaville, CA. She learned to play violin, taking lessons from age seven onwards. Along the way, she picked up piano and guitar, feeling them to be better instruments for composing and arranging her own songs. Her father was a jazz drummer and her mother a dedicated pianist. Her own musical moments are intermixed with memories of listening to her father's vinyl records and her mom's impromptu recitals. She now calls Oakland home, where she's part of a budding new pop scene.

Her name is a union of her grandmothers's names: Neda and Eleanor. And like her music, which seamlessly combines elements of jazz, R&B, and pop, it is without pretense and sounds perfectly natural.

Nedelle is currently collaborating with Thom Moore of The Moore Brothers plus Gavin McCarthy and Jeff Goddard of Karate on a new album.


Republic of Two (2003 Kimchee Records)

Related bands

Simone plays in Call and Response.
Adrian is in The Circadians.
David is in The Vivian Girls.

Performed with

J. Mascis, Stephen Malkmus, Kings of Convenience, Lois, The Moore Brothers, Radar Brothers, Call and Response, Bart Davenport



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