Hilken Mancini and Chris Colbourn Come Alive!

It’s November. Time to gobble gobble…up the new self-titled Hilken Mancini and Chris Colbourn album! You’ll surely need to if you’re a fan of guitar-driven pop, irresistible harmonies, and super-solid songwriting. It’s all here on this disc, which lands in your neighboring retail record racks on November 15th. (But if you simply can’t wait, the Garment District has it available right about…now!)

Hilken Mancini and Chris Colbourn

The record release show is on Thursday, November 17, at ZuZu! in Cambridge. Joel from Death Vessel opens at 10:00.

Hilken and Chris are appearing on various radio shows this month playing live for that good ol’ promotional push of their musical wares. Tune into these:

Wed Nov 2: On the Town on WMFO 91.5fm at 9:00 pm (webcast)
Tue Nov 8: Pipeline! on WMBR 88.1fm at 8:00 pm (webcast)
Sun Nov 27: New England Product on WFNX 101.7fm at 10:00 pm

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