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Willard Grant Conspiracy’s Let It Roll

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

I suppose it’s high time we mentioned the latest Willard Grant Conspiracy full-length and follow-up to Regard the End. Let It Roll has actually been available since March overseas on Loose in the UK and Glitterhouse in Germany. The delay rested on our hopes that Kimchee might be the lucky domestic purveyor of said album (and we didn’t want to announce beforehand the existence of the competitive import version!), although we knew it quite likely that WGC would be successful in finding a higher-profile label to do the honors with this excellent recording. And so it has happened. Reincarnate Records will be releasing Let It Roll in the US most likely in early 2007. Naturally Kimchee will continue to support the Willard Grant Conspiracy, believing as we do in them and their music. We offer our congratulations and wishes that their new label will push them to the next level here on US shores.

Meanwhile there are some new items of interest in regards WGC:

Mojo magazine has created The Mojo Live EP, a disc for download of exclusive live tracks featuring Willard Grant Conspiracy (“From a Distant Shore”), as well as the venerable Roy Harper, Roy’s son Nick Harper, Vincent Vincent And The Villains, Guillemots, and Young Knives. The EP benefits the very worthy Warchild charity, which addresses the gross injustice of children who are affected by war.

WGC’s “Beyond the Shore’ and “The Suffering Song” are featured in Small Engine Repair (see trailer here), a new independent film currently making the festival rounds. The film just won Best Picture at the Galway Film Festival and will be shown next at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

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Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

Hilken Mancini and Chris Colbourn

Tiger Saw's Sing!

Tim Eriksen at Newport Folk Festival

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

Tim Eriksen, known in these here parts for his stint in Cordelia’s Dad, has had a very successful
solo career
which has led him to the highly acclaimed Newport Folk Festival and two (yes, count ’em!) performances there this Sunday, August 6th. One is with a bunch of shape note singers, of which the site says:

Anyone who saw the movie “Cold Mountain” may remember a wonderful scene of a local church choir singing a strange and beautiful form of an old-time hymn. First seen in Newport during the 60’s, “shape note” singing will return to the Festival main stage on Sunday August 6, bringing back a sound and experience that cannot be equalled. The person putting this set together is Tim Eriksen, founding member of Cordelia’s Dad, who performed at the Festival in the 90’s.

Tim’s other performance at Newport is with fiddler Riley Baugus, known along with Tim for his contribution to the soundtrack of Academy Award winning film Cold Mountain.