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Tiger Saw in Rumble and in Richmond

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

This Thursday evening, April 6, Tiger Saw will be appearing at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA, as participants in the preliminary round of the
28th Annual WBCN Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble
. “Competing” (yes, with judges and points and potential prizes) that night will be three other bands: Eyes Like Knives, We’re All Gonna Die, and Sucka Brown. So come on down and root for this home team! Tiger Saw takes to the stage at 10:20.

Also: Tiger Saw has a video from a recent show at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana up on
their website
. The band during this gig featured mainstay Dylan Metrano, Dan Blakeslee, Alan Bull, and Angel Deradoorian. The song is a cover of Kimya Dawson’s “It’s Been Raining.”

Whatever Happened to SUNTAN?

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

They broke up two years ago. Oh…you knew that. But now this comes in from former SUNTAN guitarist Scott Endres:

“I’ve started a new band tentatively called Sons . There are five core members of the band. I’m singing and playing guitar and bass. Others are taking turns with singing, guitar, bass, synths, drums, etc. We’re trying to recreate the beautiful harmonies and productions of the 60’s and mix it with my own predisposition for shoegazer psychedelia. There are definitely some moments that are reminiscent of SUNTAN, but overall the sound is much poppier… even the longer instrumental parts are groove-based, instead of drone-based. And we’ve got some straight up 2-3 minute psych-pop stuff as well.”

“Other Label” News from Kimchee Family Folk

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Paula Kelley is releasing a follow-up of sorts to her 2003 Kimchee disc The Trouble With Success or How You Fit Into the World today on Stop, Pop & Roll Records . It is called
Some Sucker’s Life (Part 1)
and features demos and lost recordings, as well as some videos, dating from 1992 up to the present day.

On April 11, Seekonk drops
, their sophomore release (following 2003’s For Barbara Lee on Kimchee) on North East Indie Records. The UK version comes on Tonguemaster on June 5th.

The Submarines
, featuring Blake Hazard and hubby John Dragonetti (Jack Drag), have been signed to Canadian uber-indie
Nettwerk Records
, who have scheduled their debut album, Declare a New State , for release on June 20th.