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2005 Holiday Sale

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Kimchee Holiday Sale!

It’s that time again…Kimchee Records is offering you a steal! From now throughout the month of December all the titles in our catalog are on sale if you follow our SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. We invite you to take 20% off any of our already low prices on any Kimchee disc on all formats. For example, on a single full-length CD it will only cost you a total of $8.00 (shipping & handling included) for domestic purchase. (International purchases are $2.00 extra.) Our regular mail-order prices already include S&H and are found at the bottom of each CD’s respective page. Just take 20% off of those prices!

To take advantage of this special December deal you must follow these SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:

DO NOT click the link on our site to the Garment District. They are the regular source of our online sales and we love them…but they ARE NOT involved in this promotion. So please don’t go there for the sale.

Do this instead:

PAYPAL: For those registered or those who wish to be, go to PayPal and send the total amount of your purchase (while specifying your items, of course) via Paypal to our Kimchee account using this recipient’s email address: bob @


MAIL A CHECK: Send a check for the total amount of your purchases (plus item(s) description) to: Kimchee Records, 6 Sagamore Road, Ipswich, MA 01938. Your envelope must be postmarked by December 31.

BONUS!! We still have some left…so the first 10 people who take advantage of this sale will also receive FOR FREE the compilation Random Sounds Volume 1, which features Tiger Saw’s cover version of Brendon Massei’s “Lord Knows I Need My Own Place to Stay ” (in a different version from the one on Sing!) as well as “Rhythm” from Heidi Saperstein’s latest disc Zara… plus 14 other artists’ songs!

Tiger Saw on Your Airwaves and In a Play

Thursday, December 1st, 2005

Two Tiger Saw radio dates to put up on your live music calendar:

’s On the Town with Mikey Dee on Wednesday, December 14 sometime after 9pm

’s Boston Emissions on Sunday, December 18 sometime after 10pm

Plus! The original musical, The Case of the Christmas Key, written by Dylan Metrano of Tiger Saw and Jason Anderson (K Records), is back for some encore performances. The show debuted last Christmas in Byfield, Massachusetts to rave reviews, resulting in a tri-state tour this holiday season. A brief synopis:

A small town, a peculiar holiday tradition, a scandalous crime, a mysterious detective’s pursuit of three eccentric suspects: The Christmas Key is a tightly-woven nail-biter in two acts. Set in 1953, and taking inspiration from pulp novels and film noir, from Busby Berkeley and Mary Poppins, the play is rife with twists, turns, and one heck of a femme fatale.

The ensemble features original cast members Sam Rosen, Nikole Beckwith, Mary Godfrey, Juliet Nelson and Dylan Metrano (of Tiger Saw ) Jason Anderson (K Records), Brendan Pelsue, Alan Bull, Sean Baptiste, Kyle Robertson, and Rory Pelsue.

Paula’s Longest Day of the Year

Thursday, December 1st, 2005

Paula Kelley has had one of her older Christmas songs included on the new Holiday Heart compilation, a sequel to Ho Ho Ho Spice, a Hopsice Awareness and Benefit Project, from Volunteer Records. The 2-disc set features Paula’s holiday classic “Why Christmas (The Longest Day of the Year)” along with a host of other great tunes by the likes of Ron Sexsmith, Rick Derringer, Chandler Travis Philharmonic, and many more.

All Together Now!

Thursday, December 1st, 2005

Time for our annual holiday song, sung to the tune of Jingle

Dashing through the aisles in a retail music store

O’er displays for miles of “hits” that we abhor

Hidden in a pile we hope to find that disc
That makes our visit one worthwhile and isn’t total risk

Oh, Kimchee rocks, Kimchee rolls, Kimchee all the way
Oh what fun it is to find that disc that makes your day
Kimchee rocks, Kimchee rolls, Kimchee all the way
Oh what fun it is to find that disc that makes your day

Surfing through the net, digital and retail sites
I’ll make you a bet, most music out there bites
Sucking a lot less are these CDs for your tree
Oh do you really have to guess? You know they’re from Kimchee!

Oh, Tiger Saw, Tiger Saw, their new
record is Sing!
Oh what fun it is to hear its choruses that ring!

Hilken M, Hilken M, joining
with Chris C

What fun too it is to hear their swell pop on