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Front Cover

Nov 2002

Every now and then a band goes on a search for the psychedelic grail, a cup whose first sips in the '60s created music to mirror the era's youthful tendency toward drug-assisted mind exploration. Boston's 4-member SUNTAN is within arm's reach of the chalice on their self-titled debut EP. No, their additions to the psy-corpus are not created in a vacuum. Fluid organ and synth runs make reference to the sweet melancholy of Rain Parade, while the band's minimalist guitar drones lead directly back to the space perambulations of Spacemen 3. And those dualing guitar workouts are surely reminiscent of Television or Crazy Horse. SUNTAN's personal stamp lies in their shimmering, indelible melodies. And thanks to an expert hand in the sound-layering department, their songs grow in intensity to something almost grandiose. The sonic stretch of these three musical odysseys is abetted by the disc's 26 minute length, making this EP a ride of some substance. All this from a band barely over a year old! Such accomplished head trips are hard to find nowadays. Look for a full-length in the first half of 2003.

SUNTAN [bio]


L # 249747
Bag It Up
Soak Up the Rays   > mp3 (3.8MB)

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