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27 - Angel's Share


Northeast Performer

When Kimchee made the decision to put to put this two song single out as a picture disc, the label must have had a greater aesthetic in mind. The picture disc is the most extravagant format in existence; it allows you to decorate at will beneath the surface of the record. The records suffer fidelity problems though, as the clear vinyl that is used has a greater tendency to erode. The songs that 27 has brought to 45 are delicate, intricate tunes that have the aura of a glass menagerie. Maria Christopher's vocals wisp across the top of these two tracks with a hauntingly romantic air. Christopher earned her stripes in the Dirt Merchants, while Ayal Naor's guitar work (here on baritone) has graced numerous heavy bands (most notably Spore). "Angel's Share" is the hit side of the record. It features the subdued drumming of Neil Coulon which takes the guitars from soft repeated melodies into a chorus draped in richly bowed cello. The lead vocals get lost in the tonalities of the bowing, but the song closes with hushed tones and Christopher repeating "will you still be there tomorrow?" with unrequited longing. "Wash Away the Devil's Play" is the flipside of the record. It's strange how well-matched the tunes are: one side for heaven, one for hell. Underscored by a tidal wash that makes this sound as though recorded on a pier, this is even more fragile a tune as Coulon trades his sticks for a clarinet and the song holds together by some unseen force. While too many people, will be left hoping that these songs make it onto 27's next full-length release, those few who still have turntables connected to their stereos will be handsomely rewarded with these two songs that find an ideal home in the grace of the picture disc. And if you can't listen to the record, you can take it home and pin it up on the wall and have one heck of a nice looking ornament.

Jeff Breeze



A picture disk single from 27, which are singer, guitarist Maria Christopher and bassist Ayal Naor.

Those two make listening songs that combine the singer-songwriter capacity from for example Retsin with a real pop attitude. In this way you get easy, beautiful music with much feeling for catchy melodies which are easy recognisable.

Their full CD must be available from April this year and when I listen to these two songs it must be a good album. Together with Tiger Saw one of the strongest bands on the interesting Kimchee label.

Een picture disk single van 27, die bestaan uit vocaliste, gitariste Maria Christopher en bassist Ayal Naor.

Deze twee schrijven luister liedjes die het songschrijversschap van bijvoorbeeld Retsin combineren met een pop ingesteldheid. Op deze manier krijg je ingetogen muziek met veel gevoel voor catchy melodieŽn die gemakkelijk herkenbaar zijn.

Hun volledige CD zou vanaf April dit jaar verkrijgbaar moeten zijn, en aan de hand van dit proevertje zou het wel eens een echte aanrader kunnen zijn. Samen met Tiger Saw zeker een van de sterkste groepen op het interessante Kimchee label.


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