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Tiger Saw [bio]

Band Photo

Jason Anderson: guitars, electric bass, drums
Nat Baldwin: upright bass
blindbanjodjim: banjo, guitars
Casey Dienel: piano
John Ryan Gallagher: guitars
Dylan Metrano: guitars
Juliet Nelson: cello
Gregg Porter: drums
Sam Rosen: electric bass

Tiger Saw is from Newburyport, Massachusetts, a seaside town 40 miles to the north of Boston. Founding songwriter Dylan Metrano is the one constant in the band, although mainstays Juliet Nelson and JR Gallagher have accompanied him in the studio and in many a live setting since the year 2000. Sometimes Tiger Saw is just Dylan wandering through an audience singing with acoustic guitar in hand, and at other times as many as a dozen performers augment the live experience with cello, viola, piano, organ, drums, horns, and other assorted noisemakers.

Tiger Saw specializes in the whisper, the waltz, and sweet songs that are jazz in concept, but not in execution. Metrano and his ever-growing band of friends and collaborators are impassioned about performing this music for people all over the world, sharing stories, playing campfires, and creating something special night after night.


Sing! (2005 Kimchee Records)

Gimme Danger / Gimme Sweetness (2004 Kimchee Records)

I Am a Cold Rock. I Am Dull Grass. A Tribute to the Music of Will Oldham (2004 Tract Records)

Blessed are the Trials We Will Find (2002 Kimchee Records)

Eye of the Beholder compilation (2000 Vorpal Studios)

"I Keep My Misfortune" 7'' single (2000 Redwood Records)

How to Be Timeless Tonight (1999 self-released)

Performed with

Ida, Songs: Ohia, The Microphones, Dub Narcotic Sound System, Scout Niblett



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