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Thalia Zedek [bio]

Band Photo

Late '70s punk rock was the turn-on for Washington D.C. teenager Thalia Zedek, who moved to Boston in 1979 and became involved with its nascent art punk scene. Inspired by local bands like Mission of Burma, V, and Bound and Gagged, she started playing music herself, first as drummer and then guitarist and lead singer in White Women. Next came Dangerous Birds, which Thalia left after one 7'' offering (later re-released on one of the early Sub Pop cassette comps by a then unknown Bruce Pavitt) in search of something less poppy. In '84 she founded Uzi, whose more daring and abrasive creations were released on the EP Sleep Asylum on Homestead Records (later re-released on Matador Records), but who, in keeping with tradition, had broken up by the time the record came out. It did, however, bring her to the attention of one of her favorite bands at the time, New York noise punks Live Skull. Thalia stuck with these experimental noise contemporaries of Sonic Youth for two albums and an ep before their breakup and her own personal demons led her back to Boston, where she founded Come with band mainstay Chris Brokaw. They recorded four critically acclaimed albums for Matador, cementing their reputation as foremost purveyors of some of the most broodingly passionate music of the '90s. By the time the new millenium rolled in Thalia had gone solo, employing former Come-mates and others to play on Been Here and Gone on Matador and its successor You're a Big Girl Now on Kimchee. Ms Zedek has indeed developed something of a trademark in sound: indie torchsongs for your nights without end.

Personnel for You're a Big Girl Now:

Thalia Zedek: guitars, vocals
David Michael Curry: viola, occassional percussion, loops, and backup vocals
Mel Lederman: piano
Daniel Coughlin: drums, tambourine


You're a Big Girl Now (2002 Kimchee Records)

Been Here and Gone (2001 Matador Records)

Gently Down The Stream with Come (1998 Matador Records)

Near Life Experience with Come (1996 Matador Records)

Don't Ask Don't Tell with Come (1994 Matador Records)

11:11 with Come (1992 Matador Records)

Positraction with Live Skull (1989 Homestead Records)

Snuffer with Live Skull (1988 Caroline Records)

Dusted with Live Skull (1987 Caroline Records)

Sleep Asylum with Uzi (1986 Homestead Records / 1993 Matador Records)

Alpha Romeo / Smile on Your Face 7'' with Dangerous Birds (1982 Propeller Records)




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