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SUNTAN [bio]

Band Photo

Nick Holdzkom (guitar, vocals)
Scott Endres (guitar)
Lindsay Arth (bontempi organ, juno)
Dominic Mariano (drums, percussion)

SUNTAN's members once played in other bands with names like Thwelt and Sclix. Guitarist Nick had a stint in Portland's The Feelings that featured members of Built to Spill, The Halo Benders, and Sone. He also played in The Raymond Brake on the Simple Machines label. Nick met keyboardist Lindsay at her house party in Greensborough NC. He fell for her on a rotted balcony that fell with him, shattering both his wrists. Lindsay helped him up and in 2000 they moved to Boston. She applied for a job at Emma's Pizza where other guitarist Scott (broken wrist at age 3, recently moved from Milwaukee) worked. Nice ankles, he thought. Lindsay was hired. In April 2001 the freshest bake in Emma's ovens, a 3-piece SUNTAN, was born. Dominic made them four a few months later, drummer's wrists intact.


Send You Home (2003 Kimchee Records)

SUNTAN (2002 Kimchee Records)

Performed with

New Radiant Storm King, Six Parts Seven, Purple Ivy Shadows, Victory at Sea



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