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Seana Carmody [bio]

Band Photo

It's been a few years since the world has heard from Seana Carmody. She was known as the sweet vocal center of the experimental noise-pop Swirlies in their early '90s heyday on the Taang! label. Seana led that band to their place as the pre-eminent American purveyor of the Shoegazer sound from that mini-era. In the mid-'90s she founded Syrup USA, and her songwriting blossomed in the realm of that band's keyboard and synth-heavy pop sensibility. Their jingle-jangle fantasy-rock found its perfect expression on the Flydaddy Records release All Over the Land. That vehicle disbanded in 1998. In the four years since Seana took a break from band life but continued writing songs. A few of these captivating ear snippets landed on compilations, including "Crystallized Your World" on Kimchee Records' 1999 In My Living Room. Now Seana re-enters your rock universe in a big way with her dazzling solo album Struts & Shocks.


Struts & Shocks (2002 Kimchee Records)

Sneaky Flute Empire Family Album compilation (2001 Sneaky Flute Records)

U.S. Pop Life Vol. 8: Journey to End of Twilight compilation (2000 Contact Records)

In My Living Room compilation (1999 Kimchee Records)

All Over the Land CD with Syrup USA (1997 Flydaddy Records)

Pipeline! compilation with Syrup (1996 Kimchee Records)

Brokedick Car CDEP with Swirlies (1994 Taang! Records)

Blonder Tongue Audio Baton CD with Swirlies (1993 Taang! Records)

Swirlies: What to Do About Them CDEP with Swirlies (1992 Taang! Records)

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