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Heidi Saperstein [bio]

Band Photo

Heidi Saperstein rode the new millenium in as a solo performer, having spent the previous decade in bands whose makeup was predominantly female before such aggregations became commonplace. Five of those latter years were spent in Shiva Speedway. Heidi's original guitar contribution to this edgy rock band blossomed into additional duties as its songwriter and featured singer. Their album Psychic City came out in 1999 on Rainbow Quartz Records.

Even "solo" Heidi rarely goes it totally alone. Numerous other musical guests embellish her 2001 Kimchee Records debut, The Devil I Once Knew, and its follow-up, 2004's Zara, including TW Walsh of Pedro the Lion, Daniel Coughlin (Thalia Zedek band, Come), and Duke Levine (Mary Chapin Carpenter band). And upon Zara's release Heidi will once again be touring with a full band. There's an earthy brazenness of sentiment in Heidi's work, achieved in the mix of her "knowing" voice and downbeat guitar explorations, but she just as effortlessly takes flight in irresistable vocal reaches and harmonies. Both a challenge and an embrace, the music of Heidi Saperstein is never less than enthralling.


Zara (2004 Kimchee Records)

The Devil I Once Knew (2001 Kimchee Records)

Very Special EP (2000 self-released)

Ex-member of

Shiva Speedway.

Critics compare her to

PJ Harvey, Sinead O'Connor, Patti Smith.

Performed with

Mary Timony, Shannon Wright, Ida.




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