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Cordelia's Dad [bio]

Band Photo

Tim Eriksen (guitar, vocals)
Peter Irvine (drums, vocals)
Cath Oss (bass, accordian, vocals)

Cordelia's Dad were founded as an electric folk/punk/rock hybrid in the late '80s by Tim Eriksen and Peter Irvine, and then evolved throughout the '90s into an acoustically passionate interpreter of early traditional American music with long-time member Cath Oss. The gospel as spread across international borders is that they are a folk band. But Cordelia's Dad have lived a pseudo-clandestine parallel life as a rock band since 1995 even as they earned their stripes in trad-folk circles.

Along the way there have been song-clues. The ominous thunder of "Brother Judson" appeared on Kimchee Records' live Pipeline! compilation in 1996, and the otherworldly "Hammer" showed up on the same label's In My Living Room collection in 1999 (they changed their name to Io for that occassion). And a distortion-drenched live recording of their louder selves came out 6 years ago on Road Kill, a limited edition CD on Byron Coley's obscure Scenescof label, along with a 7'' under the Io alter-ego... but who knew?

Know now that it's all revealed on What It Is, the seventh album by Cordelia's Dad. All within is in service of the rock.


What It Is (2002 Kimchee Records)

Spine (1998 Appleseed Recordings)

In My Living Room compilation as Io (1999 Kimchee Records)

Pipeline! compilation (1996 Kimchee Records)

road kill (1996 Scenescof Records)

Comet (1995 Omnium/NORMAL)

Joy Fun Garden (1993 NORMAL)

how can I sleep? (1992 OKra/Omnium/NORMAL)

Cordelia's Dad (1990 OKra/Omnium/NORMAL)

...and multiple 7'' and compilation tracks




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