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27 [bio]

Band Photo

Maria Christopher (guitar, vocals)
Ayal Naor (guitar, samples)
Neil Coulon (drums, clarinet)

Maria and Ayal of 27 are influential players in Boston, having introduced innovations in noise to the hard rock and melodic rock scenes surrounding their previous bands. Maria's Dirt Merchants signed to Sony Epic Records, releasing their debut Scarified in 1995 and recording a follow-up that never saw daylight thanks to the age-old "A&R guy skedaddles, leaving pet band reeling in his wake" scenario. Ayal has played in an array of heavier noise bands, one of which, Spore, attained some renown via releases on the Taang! label. The two formed 27 in 1998 with Thos Niles drumming. Neil Coulon took his place in 2001 and adds other musical elements such as clarinet and piano to the mix.

27 are adept at creating songs that are quite measured, even hypnotic, in their beauty. They skillfully manipulate song dynamics to evoke rushes of feeling, even while experimenting with various musical styles that somehow all manage to maintain 27's individualistic sound. Samples are subtly utilized and add to the rich tapestry of hush and roar. Listeners should find something hugely fulfilling here.


animal life (2002 Kimchee Records)

"Angel's Share" 7'' picture disc (2001 Kimchee Records)

Funeral Songs compilation (2001 Crowd Control Activities / Release Entertainment)

Songs from the Edge of the Wing EP (1999 Reproductive Records; 2001 Release Entertainment)

In My Living Room compilation (1999 Kimchee Records)

Ex-members of

Maria: Dirt Merchants
Ayal: Spore, Luca Brasi, Pinto, Galveston, Anodyne

Performed with

Low, Karate, Clem Snide, Tara Jane O'Neil



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