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A Primer on Recording Drums at Home

A typical home recording of a drum kit sounds exactly like it was recorded at home—in a small room. On the other hand, a drum kit recorded in a pro studio will tend to sound bigger—with the ambience of a large tracking room giving life to the drums. This recipe is one way that I achieve that bigger drum sound in the confines of my humble home... (more)

Project Studio Acoustics

I've been hard at work building and tweaking a small, project-based recording studio that would exhibit some of the positive traits of a home studio—a facility with lots of natural light, easily-modifiable acoustics, and bigger-studio sound despite its living-room-like dimensions. My colleagues and I chose to build the rooms with bare walls, with the goal of acquiring, building, and experimenting with various acoustic treatments—off-the-shelf and DIY—to afford us easily modifiable sonics, both in the control room and in the main tracking room... (more)

Future Plug-Ins

At TapeOpCon2005, Tape Op magazine's annual conference, I moderated the Future of Recording panel. As part of my introductory PowerPoint presentation, I illustrated some DAW plug-ins that we might see in the future... (more)

Last modified: 25 June 2010