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2005 News

May 2005

Q and A

Nothing to speak of this month in the "News Dept.". But I can see those hands raised out there. OK, a couple questions then.

Q. So what the heck is going on with Kimchee? Six months without a new release?

A. Well waddaya know, someone noticed! Yes, Kimchee has been in the midst of a soul-searching period, trying to determine how best to approach its future. We are re-organizing and in the process of choosing a new distributor. Thus the relative hiatus. But concurrently it seems most everyone on our roster just happens to be "between" albums anyway!

Q. Anything coming down the pike, once you have your act together, that you want to share with us?

A. Yeah sure, why not? We expect to start releasing new stuff in the fall, and are excited about a few projects to be spread out over those next 6 months or so, including but not limited to new CDs by Seekonk and Tiger Saw, something Buffalo Tom-related, and the first CD pressing of some long out-of-print Secret Stars (featuring Geoff Farina of Karate and Jodi Buonanno) recordings formerly only found on cassette.

Q. Hey, that sounds worth waiting for!

A. Glad you think so!

April 2005

Willard Grant Conspiracy Whispers

Here's an excerpt from an online review by the UK's Uncut magazine of the March 16 Willard Grant Conspiracy performance at the Vibe as part of the South by Southwest music fest in Austin, Texas:

"Willard Grant Conspiracy delivered the evening's best set. Their glorious sprawl of psychedelic twang enabled them to touch on a wide array of emotions. The high point was 'Soft Hand,' a lap steel and viola accented wall of pop bliss that vocalist/guitarist Robert Fisher humorously introduced as 'unnecessarily bright.'"

Also from out of England, the May issue of Mojo magazine, on newstands beginning April 6th, will feature a full page on WGC in the "Mojo Rising" section. And listen to the archive on BBC Radio 2 of the short live set and interview with WGC conducted in Austin by Bob Harris. It features Robert Fisher along with David Michael Curry and Drew Glackin. To uncover it in the 3-hour program, forward to 21:32 via the 15-minute increments button, and you'll find 20 minutes of WGC to enjoy.

Music by Tim Eriksen on Comp and On Screen

Tim Eriksen of Cordelia's Dad has two tracks ("The Gallows Tree" and "Young But Daily Growing") coming out on the English folk compilation Song Links 2 on Fellside Recordings April 17th. Occasional Cordelia's Dad member Jeff Davis also has a track on the album. There is a CD release show for this disc on April 17 at the Cecil Sharp House in London, England, and although Tim will not be there to perform, the great Shirley Collins will be onhand to narrate alongside a stellar roster of talent that includes the Copper Family and John Kirkpatrick.

Tim also has a solo acoustic version of the song "I Love Music" (found in its electric form as "Eyelovemusic" on What it Is) in the film Chrystal featuring Billy Bob Thornton and Lisa Blount. Also on the soundtrack are songs by Jay Farrar and The Drive-By Truckers. It opens in select theaters throughout the month of April.

Hear Tiger Saw Play Ned

Tiger Saw's March No Love For Ned radio session featuring sing-alongs with the gang from bands Lazarus and Castanets is now available online for your listening pleasure.

March 2005

Willard Grant Conspiracy and Kimchee at SXSW

Willard Grant Conspiracy is featured on a fabulous bill sponsored by the UK's Uncut magazine as part of the South By Southwest Festival on Wednesday, March 16th. It's at The Vibe at 508 East 6th Street. WGC takes the stage at 10:00 pm. Also playing the show are American Music Club, Richmond Fontaine, and South San Gabriel.

Kimchee Artists

Austin TX

Wed 16 March

Thu 17 March

Fri 18 March

Sat 19 March

More Willard Grant Conspiracies

While at SXSW, Willard Grant Conspiracy will also be taping a session on Thursday the 17th for Bob Harris' show on the BBC.

WGC has added three new members to the band: Jason Victor, also in Steve Wynn's Miracle Three, started playing electric guitar during the last European tour and will be with the band in April and May in Europe as well as at SXSW in Austin; Kirk Swan , best known to Boston music fans as a member of the remarkable Dumptruck, joined the band roll-call last fall during some west coast shows and played on the WGC version of Johnny Cash's "I Still Miss Someone" for a Mojo magazine tribute CD; and Robert Lloyd, who began playing shows with main WGC man Robert Fisher and Kirk last year as well and also played the amazing field organ on "I Still Miss Someone," will also be part of the SXSW band along with Dave Curry, Pete Sutton, Drew Glackin, Jason Victor and Robert. Lloyd is in the Los Angeles band Kingsize and writes TV criticism that matters for the Los Angeles Times.

Robert Fisher is presently collaborating transatlantically with Malcom Lindsay on new material. Malcolm is writing in his native Scotland and Robert is writing at home in Lancaster, and they hope to record the efforts as part of the new WGC record in the spring. Malcolm has done work with David Byrne and the Delgados to name just two of many. Meanwhile Robert has recorded vocals for upcoming releases by Providence bands Lucky 57 and Barn Burning, and will also be featured on the as yet untitled new record by Scottish musician Jackie Leven when it comes out on the Cooking Vinyl label later this year.

New Disc from Nedelle

Nedelle has released a follow-up to Republic of Two on Kill Rock Stars. Her second solo album is entitled From the Lion's Mouth, and was recorded by Andy Hong at Kimchee Records in Cambridge and at John Vanderslice's Tiny Telephone in San Francisco.

The Fleetness of Paula Kelley

Paula Kelley has placed "A New Time," a song from The Trouble with Success, in the forthcoming Farelly Brothers film Fever Pitch starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. Well, a fragment of it anyway. Apparently it will fly by as someone in the movie changes the stations on a car radio, perhaps on their way to a Red Sox game broadcast, since it's the story of a schlub who loves the Boston team more than his girlfriend.

Ned Loves Tiger Saw

On March 4th, Tiger Saw will be recording their second session for the No Love For Ned internet radio program in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

February 2005

Willard Grant Conspiracy, Thalia Zedek, Seekonk at T.T.'s Birthday Bash

Mighty Truth Serum promoter Aliza Shapiro has put together a very nifty show with lots of Kimchee personnel at T.T. the Bear's in Cambridge, MA on Wednesday night February 9th, which happens to coincide with her own birthday. Seekonk opens the evening and will no doubt play you songs from the new album they have just finished recording. Lovers on Orange Twin Records follows, and then comes an appearance by Willard Grant Conspiracy, a rare occurence since Robert Fisher moved out to Lancaster, CA in 2002. Thalia Zedek closes this special evening. Wishing you a swell six squared, Aliza!

Finger Painting with Feedback

And speaking of WGC and Zedek, there's this super-talented Kimchee-family feller named David Michael Curry (affectionately known as DMC) who plays violin in both bands (and who has also worked with Chris Brokaw and Tiger Saw). David has a 10-minute solo composition entitled "Finger-painting with Feedback" on the online music series Muted Tones. The site explains: "Seven curators, seven months, seventy minutes of music. Each month is assigned to a curator, asked to fill ten minutes with the sounds of their choosing. They are invited to keep a log of their work here, as they create it. At the end of the month, their ten minute piece of music is made available for streaming or download."

January 2005

Tim of Cordelia's Dad Plans Tsunami Benefit

Tim Eriksen of Cordelia's Dad and his wife Minja are quickly organizing a most fascinating line-up of musicians to play a show benefiting the Southeast Asian tsunami victims at the Ted Mann Concert Hall in Minneapolis, MN on January 15th . Tim once studied South Indian music in the city of Chennai (formerly called Madras and struck by the tsunami) and he and Minja are still active in the Indian music scene in the Twin Cities. They are adding artists daily to the event, which currently will feature Tim playing acoustic traditional American folksong, plus musicians from the affected areas and beyond including: Joko Sutrisno and the Indonesian Gamelan Ensemble, South Indian veena player Nirmala Rajasekar, Swedish fiddling, East African traditional and popular music, American shape-note singing, and more to be announced. Tim suggests: "If you feel this is something you can support, wherever you are, please make a donation if you can, come to the show, sing some Sacred Harp songs with us on stage or just take a moment to honor the victims."

Kimchee on iTunes

It's probably way overdue for us to mention that virtually all the music on all Kimchee CDs can be found at multiple online digital music sites (as many as 30 diffferent companies at this point), including iTunes, Napster, MusicNet, and Rhapsody. We invite you to sample and purchase at these sites and more!

Best of List

There's no accounting for tastes, but we've gotten the advance word that Jonathan Perry, writer for the Boston Globe and Boston Phoenix, is including Willard Grant Conspiracy's Regard the End and Skating Club's The Unfound Sound in his 2004 Baker's Dozen Best Of (Local and National) list in the next issue of Stuff @ Night magazine due out January 4th.

New Heidi Formation

Heidi Saperstein has formed a new band with ex-Runner and the Thermodynamics member Mike Oor called The Snowleopards. Heidi sings while both play guitar, and live a sampler of Heidi's drum parts is used. The two are writing together, although songs from Heidi's latest Zara still pop up in live shows. Heidi and Mike are currently building a home analog studio they've named Zara-Coda which they hope will be up and running this month so The Snowleopards can start recording their first full-length.

Tiger Saw Comp

Dylan Metrano of Tiger Saw has his own small imprint called Burst & Bloom, and it will be releasing another compilation of Newburyport area artists. Entitled Mosely Pines, it features 24 songs, among them tracks by Tiger Saw, Brendon Massei & Dylan Metrano, The Rabbits, The Divorced, Jason Anderson, Alan Bull, Sam Rosen, The Sanguine, Gregory Moss, and Mara Flynn. The CD only costs $5.00 and is available by emailing The CD release show featuring most of the acts will be held at the Yellow School in Byfield, MA on January 12th.

In the Studio

Helms records their third full-length and followup to McCarthy with Andy Hong at Kimchee Records Studios this month.

2004 News

December 2004

Kimchee Holiday Sale!

In the spirit of holiday giving (as well as receiving!), Kimchee Records has a deal for you! Throughout the month of December we are having a sale on all the titles in our catalog. We invite you to take 20% off any of our already low prices on any Kimchee disc on all formats. For example, on a single full-length CD it will only cost you a total of $8.00 (shipping & handling included) for domestic purchase. (International purchases are $2.00 extra.) Our regular mail-order prices already include S&H and are found at the bottom of each CD's respective page. Just take 20% off of those prices!

To take advantage of this special December deal you must follow these special instructions:

  1. DO NOT click the link on our site to the Garment District. We love them for normally selling online for us but they ARE NOT involved in this promotion.

  2. For those of you registered with PayPal, go to PayPal and send the total amount of your purchase (while specifying your items, of course) via Paypal to our Kimchee account using this recipient's email address: bob @


    Send a check for the total amount of your purchases (plus item description) to: Kimchee Records, 6 Sagamore Road, Ipswich, MA 01938. Please have your envelope postmarked by December 31.

BONUS!! The first 12 people who take advantage of this sale will also receive FOR FREE the compilation Random Sounds Volume 1, which features Tiger Saw's previously unreleased cover of Brendon Massei's "Lord Knows I Need My Own Place to Stay," as well as "Rhythm" from Heidi Saperstein's latest disc Zara... plus 14 other artists' songs!

Seekonk on Comp and in Studio

Seekonk has a previously unreleased song entitled "Air" on the new Volume 5 of the Greetings From Area Code 207 compilation series on Cornmeal Records. The band is also entering the studio once again with Jonathan Wyner at Fort Awesome in Portland, ME to record their follow-up to For Barbara Lee.

Tiger Saw Recording with New Members

Tiger Saw will begin recording a new album tentatively titled sing'! / marriage' in Leominster, MA with Jim Reynolds (of the band Milkweed) engineering. New additions to the band include Nat Baldwin on upright bass and Gregg Porter on drums.

And now for some more holiday cheer...

Deck the Shelves

Deck the shelves with rows of CDs.
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
'Tis the season to buy Kimchee's.
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Skating Club is sure to soothe you.
    Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la.
The Unfound Sound their Kimchee debut.
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.

Heidi Saperstein is rocking.
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Put Zara into your stocking.
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Tiger Saw is slow and measured.
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Gimme Sweetness should be treasured.
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

Willard Grant conspires to transcend
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
With the brilliant Regard the End.
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Sing we joyous, indies sure rule.
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Get some Kimchee in time for Yule!
    Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

Wishing you a safe and swinging holiday season from all of us at Kimchee!

November 2004

Join the Skating Club

November 16th sees the release of The Unfound Sound by Skating Club, and the advance reaction to their third full-length has been overwhelmingly positive. The Boston Phoenix, for one, lauds its "spare, carefully layered beauty" and declares it "excellent." The record release show is also on the 16th in the cozy Cambridge mecca known as Zuzu! in the Middle East complex. Musical camaraderie will be provided by The Sanguine and Boy in Static. Please attend and be the first on your block to say "Eureka! I have found it... The Unfound Sound!"

Aubrey Anderson, Mr. Skating Club himself, will be appearing with guitar in hand on WERS' CoffeeHouse (88.9 FM in Boston) airing Monday morning November 15th from 6:00-10:00 EST. A second radio appearance follows on WFNX's New England Product (101.7 FM in Boston and 92.1 FM in Manchester, NH and Portland, ME) with host Chris Rucker, airing Sunday November 21st from 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST.

Kimchee Artists in Workshop

Fab e-zine has released Random Sounds Volume 1, their first CD compilation, and it features tracks by Kimchee artists Heidi Saperstein and Tiger Saw. The Tiger Saw song is their previously unreleased cover of Brendon Massei's "Lord Knows I Need My own Place to Stay," and Heidi's is "Rhythm" from her latest disc Zara.

Geoff Farina on NPR

Karate's Geoff Farina appeared on NPR's Talk of the Nation on Tuesday November 2nd at approximately 3:40 PM EST for about 20 minutes. Neil Conan interviewed him about his band and their new album Pockets, and Geoff performed two songs live in the studio.

New Chris Brokaw Album

On November 23rd, Chris Brokaw's original film score to I was Born, But... by Roddy Bogawa will be released by Atavistic in the States and 12XU in the UK.

Paula Kelley Wins Big

We are reporting on this event after the fact due to its late-breaking status. The Paula Kelley Orchestra were chosen in a contest organized by Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens over hundreds of other bands and got to play a really big show at Irving Plaza in NYC on October 29. The bill also included such luminaries as Glen Tilbrook of Squeeze, Graham Parker, Southern Culture on the Skids, Marshall Crenshaw, The Smithereens, and Sandra Bernhardt. Paula and company also won some swell prizes, including a Gretsch drum kit and guitars and amps from Fender, Gibson, and Rickenbacker.

Pee Wee Fist's Anna on Home and Garden Network

If you missed its first airing last month, there are a couple other opportunities this month to see Anna Johanssen of The Pee Wee Fist debut nationally on HGTV displaying her tin rooster sculpture. The episode will be repeated on November 9th at 11:30 pm and November 10th at 3:30 am, EST/PST.

Kimchee Down Under

Kimchee Records is pleased to announce a new exclusive distribution deal with Music Farmers for Australia.

October 2004

Coming November 16th

The Unfound Sound by Skating Club!

Paula Bolts for LA

Paula Kelley and hubby/bandmate Aaron Tap are making tracks in November for the City of Lost Angels to have new adventures as residents. Can there be any doubt that Boston and environs will miss being able to call her and her orchestra their own? We wish them the best of luck as they join other Kimchee artists Blake Hazard, Robert Fisher of Willard Grant Conspiracy, and Nedelle on the other coast.

Following Willard Grant's Tracks Overseas

Per usual, there is tons of Willard Grant Conspiracy record action taking place in the land that tends to favor them most: Europe. On October 15th, the November issue of the UK's Mojo magazine hits the newsstands with a 20-page feature on Johnny Cash and a free Man in Black tribute CD, including a song by WGC as well as other exclusive recordings and rarities by Sparklehorse, Waylon Jennings, Jawbone, and more. Meanwhile on the same day, in Italy's Il Mucchio magazine, a CD featuring a live performance of WGC in Bonn will be dropped on those lucky nationals. And then late in the month will see the release of the There But for the Grace of God CD, a short history of Willard Grant Conspiracy, on Loose Records in the UK and Glitterhouse in Germany. It features remastered songs from all their albums as well as unreleased tracks from each. We'll let you know soon what Kimchee's relationship to this disc might be.

Blake Hazard Lends Harmonies on NBC

Listen closely to the theme song on the new Dreamworks-produced show Father of the Pride on Tuesdays at 9:00 pm on NBC, and you will hear Blake Hazard's lovely voice harmonizing with that of John Goodman's! Not only that, but her guy-pal John Dragonetti (Mr. Jack Drag himself and producer of Blake's album Little Airplane) scored a bunch of the music for the show, and also some episodes of the new HBO program Family Bonds.

Victory at Sea Releases New Album

Yes, there's a new Victory at Sea album but it is not out on Kimchee. Gern Blandsten does the honors this time out on Memories Fade, due for release on October 12th.

September 2004

Dual (Duel?) Nominations

For the second year in a row Blake Hazard has been nominated for both the "Female Singer/Songwriter" and "Local Female Vocalist" categories in the Boston Music Awards. But joining her this year in the same two categories is Paula Kelley! Kimchee has to stand safely on the sidelines for the Kelley vs. Hazard bout, but you are welcome to cast your votes for your choice online now.

Nedelle Cavorts with the Aliens

Nedelle, whose first solo album Republic of Two was released on Kimchee last year, has her song "Come Around" from that disc appearing on the home video release of the television series Roswell. It's the episode known as "Interruptus." Due to home security concerns, we have Nedelle safely dossiered in our X Files.

Kimchee Personnel on New Discs

Thalia Zedek has her first album for Thrill Jockey coming out on September 14th. Titled Trust Not Those in Whom Without Some Touch of Madness, it features the same musical collaborators as appeared on her Kimchee release You're a Big Girl Now, namely Daniel Coughlin, Mel Lederman, and David Michael Curry.

And speaking of Mr. Curry (also a member of Willard Grant Conspiracy), David is playing violin on another release, that by The Empty House Cooperative, which in this version also features guitarist Chris Brokaw and cellist Jonah Sacks. The album was recorded at WMBR Radio in Cambridge, MA by Kimchee honcho Andy Hong in the year 2000 and is due out the 1st of September on Sedimental Records.

In the Studio

Geoff Farina, that Karate guy, is recording in early September with a new trio also featuring bassist Nate McBride (known for his work with Joe Morris and Ken Vandermark) and drummer Luther Gray at Kimchee Records Studios with Andy Hong. As Geoff puts it: "We write tunes and think about them in unison while we play something totally unrelated." Sounds, umm...intriguing.

Pee Wee Fist's Anna's Art Show

Anna Johansson of The Pee Wee Fist is part of a 3-person show called Found Object held upstairs at Johnson's Art Gallery at 355 Newbury Street in Boston from September 9-30. It will feature her recent works of recycled metal sculpture.

August 2004

Boston Magazine Award Goes to Willard Grant Conspiracy

Boston Magazine chose Regard the End by Willard Grant Conspiracy as "Best Album, Local" in their Annual "Best Of Boston" August issue. We are quite relieved to see that the copy actually made it into the magazine this year. You may remember that last year Kimchee Records won for "Best Record Label" but somehow the final draft lost its way from writer to editor (see News Archives for September 2003). Here is what Boston Magazine had to say:

"Although packed with lyrics exploring death and faith, Regard the End, on locally based Kimchee Records, is really about beauty. Not just as a thematic subtext, but as its sonic swaddling. At the fore is songwriter Robert Fisher's creamy baritone, cushioned by layers of guitar, strings, melodica, and anything else his supporting cast of 17 musicians slipped into the studio. The result is a blend of moonlit poetry and music that takes just one spin to induce Zen-like bliss."

Heidi Saperstein and Tiger Saw on WMFO

On Wednesday September 1st, between 9:00-midnight, Heidi Saperstein and Tiger Saw are both performing live on WMFO's On the Town radio show. If you are in the Boston area you can tune in to 91.5 fm or listen to WMFO's webcast.

Skating Club CD and Video

We mentioned last month that Kimchee is releasing Skating Club's third album in November. It now has a name: The Unfound Sound. Skating Club is also shooting a video come September with Nicole McDonald (of VW television commercials and Marilyn Manson fame) directing.

Kimchee Hooks Up with German Distributor

We are pleased to announce that Kimchee Records now has a presence overseas in the countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland through our new distribution partner Broken Silence.

July 2004

Heidi Tidbits

Heidi Saperstein has been getting some long-deserved press in her hometown of Boston for Zara, and it's starting to come in nationally as well. There are features in The Boston Phoenix as well as The Weekly Dig. Heidi will also be making a radio appearance and most likely playing a couple of acoustic songs on WFNX's New England Product (101.7 FM in Boston and 92.1 FM in Manchester, NH and Portland, ME) with host Chris Rucker, airing Sunday August 1st from 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM.

Skating Club Joins Kimchee Roster

Kimchee has long been a big fan of the beautifully seductive melodies of Aubrey Anderson's Skating Club, so it feels so very right at this time to be welcoming them to our clan. Their third full-length album is currently being recorded for November release, but we've heard a lovely so far unreleased 6-song EP and are trying to figure whether to incorporate that into the long player.

Nedelle on Kill Rock Stars

Nedelle, whose debut album Republic of Two came out on Kimchee last year, has a follow-up due for release on Kill Rock Stars on July 27th. Entitled Summerland, it co-stars Thom Moore of The Moore Brothers and was recorded by Andy Hong at Kimchee Records Studios last summer.

Zedek, Brokaw, and Willard Grant on Steve Wynn Comp

Steve Wynn, the man behind the inimitable Dream Syndicate (whose 1982 Days of Wine and Roses album is in Kimchee Bob's opinion one of the all-time rock classics) and a lengthy solo career, has been honored on his 25th year as a recording artist with a double-CD featuring 28 of his songs performed by friends, bandmates, and touring partners. Among those are three acts that have recorded for Kimchee, namely Willard Grant Conspiracy (covering "Silence is Your Only Friend"), Thalia Zedek (doing "Burn"), and Chris Brokaw (with "Drizzle"). The album is entitled From A Man Of Mysteries - A Steve Wynn Tribute and is only available in the US from Steve Wynn's website .

Tim of Cordelia's Dad Stays Busy

Tim Eriksen of Cordelia's Dad is, as usual, involved in a number of exciting projects. Just out as of June 29th is the Cold Mountain DVD, featuring bonus footage of Tim being interviewed as well as that of his recording session in June 2002 with the Sacred Harp singers at Liberty Church in Henegar, Alabama. Also included on this release are some deleted scenes from the film, including Tim as Stobrod (sideburns intact) singing "Idumea" for a dying soldier, and a scene of him on screen with legendary country singer Ralph Stanley's voice lining out "Tarry with me oh my savior" while Tim's voice is heard in the background.

Tim also appears with the Sacred Harp singers on a version of "Golden Harp," recorded in May 2003, on this year's annual WFMU compilation entitled Tunes on Toxic Terrain. It also has tracks by Rocket from the Tombs, The Soft Boys, Devendra Banhart, Deerhoof, Gary Wilson, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Neko Case,and many others. And finally, Tim recently recorded a segment for NPR's World Cafe, hosted by David Dye, in which he played several songs and was interviewed. It will broadcast on July 6th. For stations and times see or

June 2004

CD Release Show

Thurs June 17
TT The Bear's Place
Central Square
Cambridge MA

New Discs by Heidi Saperstein and Tiger Saw

June 8th sees the release of the second long players on Kimchee by both Newburyport MA band Tiger Saw and Boston singer/songwriter Heidi Saperstein. Gimme Danger / Gimme Sweetness and Zara each cover exciting new ground as they show their respective recording artists maturing right gracefully.

The live goods will be served at a CD release show at T.T. the Bear's in Cambridge, MA the following week on Thursday, June 17th. You really owe it to yourself to arrive there early to see Heidi's new band at 9:00, featuring Emily Grogan on bass, Shawn McLaughlin on drums, Mike Oor of Runner and the Thermodynamics on the other guitar, and some expected special guest players. The full Tiger Saw band follows with Jason Anderson (Wolf/Colonel on K Records) joining them, and they are also known to expand exponentially on stage. Then it's our pal Joan Wasser, formerly from old favorites The Dambuilders, and her new band Joan as Police Woman, who have a new EP they are celebrating as well. And the fabulous Skating Club brings the night to its heady conclusion.

Meanwhile Heidi Saperstein will be playing live on WMBR's Pipeline! on June 8th. The song "Second Skin" from Zara is expected to air soon on SPIN College Radio, a weekly 30-minute program which is distributed for college airplay. And Dylan Metrano of Tiger Saw initiated in early April what appears to be a never-ending tour, spreading the Tiger Gospel to the UK and Ireland and all across these vast United States. His missionary work continues with and without the band for the foreseeable future.

No Love For Ned?

Based on Kimchee artists' predilection for playing to Mr. Norland of Chapel Hill, NC, there's plenty of love in the air for Ned. Check out the No Love for Ned website for a May 17th in-studio performance by Seekonk. Also archived there are sets by 27 from 3/29/04 and SUNTAN from 1/19/04. Due up any day now is a brand new one by Tiger Saw.

Farina Meets Zu

Geoff Farina will be recording this month in Rome, Italy with hard-core no-wave freejazz Romans Zu. Zu has recorded two albums with guitarist/composer/madman Dr. Eugene Chadbourne (whom this writer is inordinately fond of), so this new musical matchup somehow seems to bode well for the cause of weirdness in general.

May 2004

Kids in Need Benefit

Now what could feel better than attending an evening of wondrous music being played on behalf of a wonderful cause? It's happening on Thursday May 20th at T.T. the Bear's in Cambridge, MA. The KIN Foundation's mission is to coordinate volunteer efforts to provide food, clothing, baby equipment and toys for financially distressed families with children experiencing a medical crisis. The bands donating their time and sounds to the event include three Kimchee acts: Victory at Sea, Thalia Zedek and Seekonk. Also on the bill is a solo Valerie Forgione of Mistle Thrush (who had a song on a Kimchee comp called In My Living Room), Ninety in Ninety (featuring Chris Pearson, Director of Operations of the foundation and formerly of Green Magnet School), and Black Helicopter (with more former Green Magnet School-mates and Kudgel-ers). This night feels too good to miss! The show starts at 8:00.

Coming Soon from Kimchee

Keeping them on your radar for their release in June: the sophomore discs on Kimchee for both Tiger Saw and Heidi Saperstein. Gimme Danger / Gimme Sweetness is nine stirring Tiger Saw originals and a cover of a song by Jason Anderson (Wolf/Colonel), who joins the Saw for this album. On Zara, Heidi shows off her striking gift for songwriting in the studio, even as she puts together her first band for the road. More info on all this next month of course!

Kimchee Personnel on New Discs

27 is releasing a six-song EP this month entitled Let the Light In on Hydrahead Records. Tim Eriksen of Cordelia's Dad has a new solo album called Every Sound Below coming out on Appleseed Recordings on May 25th.

In the Studio

Victory at Sea recorded their next album at Mad Oak and are mixing at New Alliance Studios, all under the expert hand of Grammy-nominee Andrew Schneider.

Rosa Chance Well just recorded some new songs with Andy Hong at Kimchee Records Studios and intends on adding them to the batch recorded with Andy two years ago for their sophomore release.

April 2004

Austin Chronicle Reports on Willard Grant Conspiracy at SXSW

We only wish the venue had been larger, as reports were that close to 100 people were in line waiting unsuccessfully to get in. So for those who missed Willard Grant Conspiracy at the Blender Balcony at the Ritz on March 19 in Austin, Texas, here's a report from Down South:

The Willard Grant Conspiracy is a band fronted by songwriter Robert Fisher that features a rotating cast of 31 from around the world. For SXSW, the Conspiracy consisted of seven players from around the U.S. that filled the oddly configured Blender Balcony with songs of remarkable sweep and vision. WGC has just released Regard the End, a meditation on mortality that's surprisingly uplifting, which was prominently featured at this performance. Fisher is a striking presence on stage with a full, multicolored beard and thick framed black glasses; he plays acoustic guitar and sings with a deep resonance while seated. With limited time, he wasn't able to explore the many dusty trails that Regard the End travels, yet he managed to hit a good portion of them from the traditional meditation "River in the Pines" to the bright and poppy "Soft Hand." The band included trumpet, violin, and lap steel adding sonic coloring that made the entire WGC experience unusual and wonderfully three-dimensional - vibrating soundtracks to the wide open spaces of the desert Southwest. Fisher introduced closer "The Suffering Song" as "the saddest song we know" and then proceeded to move air with a power that was mystical and extraordinary. The full house roared. This wasn't just the same old rock, and it was a pleasure to hear someone taking real chances and succeeding wildly. -- Jim Caliguiri

Kimchee Personnel on New Discs

Sidney Alexis of Torrez has a full-length CD out by his other ensemble The Hotel Alexis entitled The Shining Example is Lying on the Floor. Lending their musical talents to the disc are Kim Torres of Torrez, Dylan Metrano of Tiger Saw, Gregg Porter of Unbunny, and Nate Groth of 9r and Intelevision. It's available at live shows or you can contact Sidney at to purchase a copy.

Chris Brokaw has a new EP out on 12XU Records, that happening label out of the UK run by Gerard Cosloy, founder of Matador records. My Confidante + 3 features the title track as well as covers of unreleased songs by women with whom Chris is friends: Thalia Zedek, Liz Phair, and Holly Anderson. These were all recorded in late 2003 by Andy Hong at Kimchee Records Studios.

Nedelle has a limited edition 7-inch called Good Grief with four songs on it due out this month on Wicked Awesome Records. And it appears that the album she recorded with Thom of The Moore Brothers at Kimchee Records Studios is being picked up by Kill Rock Stars for release later this year.

Tiger Saw covers the song "Hard Life" on the second disc of I Am a Cold Rock. I Am Dull Grass. A Tribute to the Music of Will Oldham on Tract Records. This bonus disc is only available with the first 500 copies of the compilation, which also features Calexico, Iron and Wine, Scout Niblett, Sodastream and many others.

Helms in the Studio

Helms is recording their third full-length and followup to 2002's McCarthy this month with Andy Hong engineering.

March 2004

Willard Grant Conspiracy & Kimchee at SXSW

Willard Grant Conspiracy, whose new album has been amassing rave reviews, will be playing the Blender Balcony at the Ritz at 320 E. 6th St at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas on Friday, March 19 at 8 pm.

Kimchee Artists

Austin TX

Thu 18 March

Fri 19 March

Sat 20 March

Willard Grant Charts on Specialty and College Radio

The song "Soft Hand" from the Willard Grant Conspiracy album Regard the End has garnered enough plays to have charted on the industry's trade mags: #10 on FMQB, #15 on A&R, and #20 on R&R (you want an acronym, I got a million of them!). And as of this writing, it is #79 on the CMJ Top 200 and climbing.

Tiger Saw and Heidi Saperstein with Albums in the Can

Heidi Saperstein has a new one with ten songs entitled Zara and Tiger Saw's latest with ten tracks is called Gimme Danger/Gimme Sweetness. Both are scheduled for a June release on Kimchee Records. Meanwhile Dylan Metrano of Tiger Saw has released The Chain Bridge Vol 1, a compilation featuring all Newburyport musicians. On it, Dylan performs "Rest of My Life" solo and Tiger Saw's JR Gallagher also does a solo turn with "I Know It's Wrong."

Paula Kelley Plays with Les Brown Jr.

Too bad we missed asking Paula Kelley the details about this one before she left for France to tour early this month. But if you read her Mundane Sounds interview, she is quoted as saying, "As for my album (The Trouble with Success or How you Fit into the World), I'm not sure I would call it 'big band' pop as I associate the term 'big band' with brass-heavy 30s and 40s ensembles like Les Brown and his Band of Renown - stuff my dad listens to." Sounds like her dad might've pulled some strings, because Paula is scheduled to open for Les Jr. & Co. at a sold out show at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts in Naples, Florida on March 25. Swinging!

In the Studio with Andy Hong

Recording with Kimchee's Andy this month are Chris Brokaw for a forthcoming full-length solo album and Rosa Chance Well to complete their sophomore disc. In addition, we hear Thalia Zedek has been recording a new album up in Montreal for her future debut release on Thrill Jockey Records.

February 2004

Oscar Night with Cordelia's Dad

At the Academy Awards show on Sunday, February 29, Tim Eriksen of Cordelias' Dad will be leading a group of close to 40 Sacred Harp singers that includes the likes of Peter Irvine (also of Cordelia's Dad) Elvis Costello, Sting, Annie Lennox, and Allison Krauss. Both the nominated songs from Cold Mountain, "Scarlet Tide" by Elvis Costello and "You Will Be Ain True Love" by Sting, will be featured, as well as an old Sacred Harp song circa 1800 from New England.

Willard Grant Conspiracy's New Album Released Domestically

Regard the end. "What?" you say. "Please...don't go there." But there it is. Death. At something of a distance, maybe, but always there, waiting. Robert Fisher's family motto is "Regard the End." The idea is to live with an awareness of that end so one might understand life as something temporary, precious, and worthy of experiencing to its fullest.

Regard the End is the new album by Robert Fisher's Willard Grant Conspiracy. It is a stunning musical rumination that "goes there" in 11 songs, seven of them originals, four traditional. It comes out February 17 on Kimchee Records.

Regard these beginnings, some out, some imminent:

  • Features in Harp, Paste, LA Weekly, The Boston Phoenix, Magnet, Relix, and Amplifier.

  • Reviews in Rolling Stone, Tracks, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, CMJ Monthly, Resonance, DIW, Pop Culture Press, Rockpile, and more.

  • Interviews and spots on NPR's All Things Considered,, and Vin Scelza's Idiot's Delight show on WFUV in New York.

  • Nationwide Triple A and Commercial Specialty radio play of the remixed and edited song "Soft Hand," also featured in the Farrelly Brothers film Stuck on You.

  • Willard Grant Conspiracy playing live at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA on February 13 and 20... as well as a showcase and various parties at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, TX in March (details to be announced).

More Year's End "Best of" Lists and a French Label for Paula

Paula Kelly's The Trouble with Success or How You Fit into the World landed on the Best Albums of 2003 lists for Mundane Sounds and Excellent Online. And it appears the French are joining the Japanese and us Yanks in fitting Paula into their world. Polaris Records is releasing The Trouble with Success at the end of the month.

SUNTAN Gets Some Love from Ned

There's a guy named Ned who invited SUNTAN to play on his internet radio show from his living room in Chapel Hill, NC. You ought to visit the No Love For Ned website to hear three live recordings of new SUNTAN songs on Ned's 01.19.04 show.

Hazard Duets with Ritter

Blake Hazard sings on "Tonight You Belong to Me" (a 1920s song featured in the movie The Jerk with Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters duetting) with Josh Ritter on the Hear Music / Starbucks Valentines' Day compilation Sweetheart: Love Songs. Also on the CD: tracks by Clem Snide, Aimee Mann, Iron and Wine, Nada Surf, and more.

The Brokaw / Bogawa Connection

Chris Brokaw is working on soundtrack music for a new film entitled I Was Born, But... by New York filmmaker Roddy Bogawa. It is, according to Bogawa, "a 16mm film which begins with the death of Joey Ramone and punk music, and becomes a reflection on my life as an artist, and the issue of assimilation of Asian Americans as well as how culture is constituted."

January 2004

Willard Grant Conspiracy Lands in Top 5

Uncut, one of the UK's finest music magazines, has chosen their "Best Albums of the Year 2003" for their January 2004 issue. And the Top 5 winners are:

  1. Warren Zevon - The Wind
  2. Emmylou Harris - Stumble into Grace
  3. John Cale - Hobo Sapiens
  4. Willard Grant Conspiracy - Regard the End
  5. Robert Wyatt - Cuckooland

The US release of Regard the End on Kimchee Records hits retail on February 17, 2004.

Brett Milano to Paula Kelley: "Love You Two Times"

Boston scribe Brett Milano has picked The Trouble with Success or How You Fit into the World by Paula Kelley as #1 in his "Best Local Rock of 2003" list in the Boston Phoenix and #2 in his "Top CDs of 2003" list in the Boston Herald.

Seekonk and 27 Grow Their Ranks

Seekonk has found a new vocalist in Sara Rawley, and judging from her performance with them at the Zeitgeist Gallery in December, she's perfect for the part.

27 has gained a fourth member in Jay Cannava (formerly of Hello Attack! and Miltown), who will be playing guitar or bass or whatever the musical situation warrants.

Cold Mountain Soundtrack CD Features Cordelia's Dad Members

The soundtrack disc to the motion picture Cold Mountain has been released. It features two songs, "Idumea" and "I'm Going Home," sung by the Sacred Harp Singers At Liberty Church and led respectively by Tim Eriksen and Peter Irvine, both of Cordelia's Dad.

Tim also has a track to himself ("Am I Born to Die?") and performs with Riley Baugus and Tim O'Brien on two others, including one of this Kimchee guy's fave trad tunes "The Cuckoo." Other performers featured on the CD include Jack White of White Stripes, Alison Krauss, and Gabriel Yared.

Best New Years' Plans

Cath Oss of Cordelia's Dad spent New Year's Eve in Allendale, England, where residents celebrate the holiday running about with flaming tar barrels on top of their heads.

2003 News

December 2003

Paula Kelley Live on WBCN

Paula Kelley will be chatting up her latest album The Trouble with Success or How You Fit into the World and playing a few tunes live with host Shred on WBCN's Boston Emissions show Sunday night December 14th sometime between 10:00 pm and midnight.

Willard Grant Conspiracy in the Movies

The song "Soft Hand" from Kimchee Records' upcoming Willard Grant Conspiracy release Regard the End will be featured in the Farrelly brothers film Stuck on You due out December 12th. The film stars Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear and Cher and is a Fox Film release. We hear it gets a nice hefty three minutes of screen time. Regard the End hits retail on February 17, 2004.

Cordelia's Dad in the Movies

Tim Eriksen of Cordelia's Dad continues to be courted by Tinseltown. On Christmas Day, Miramax Films will release Cold Mountain featuring Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, and Renee Zellweger. Tim taught the cast Sacred Harp singing, has a duet with Jack White of the White Stripes on the end credit song, and plays the choir master in the film. Tim will be joining the "Great High Mountain Movie Tour" (named after the song he and Jack White sang) this coming spring which will also feature Ralph Stanley, Allison Krauss, Jack White, Riley Baugus, Dirk Powell, Tim O'Brien, Stuart Duncan, Norman Blake and more.

Meanwhile Tim recorded a song in November for the next Coen Brothers film Lady Killers starring Tom Hanks and Marlon Wayans. And the Cordelia's Dad track "Abe's Retreat" from their 1998 album Spine will be included in the forthcoming Billy Bob Thornton celluloid vehicle Chrystal.

Storytelling by Cordelia's Cath

Fellow Cordelia's Dad member Cath Oss, now happily married to Ferric Mordant Records mogul Phil Tyler and living in England, is recording a story as part of an audio/sculpture installation work by Susan Hiller that will be exhibiting at the Baltic Art Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne and then travelling internationally. Cath also recently recorded with the band Milky Wimpshake on two tracks for their forthcoming record.

Kimchee the Spicy Label

To be sung with seasonal stocking-stuffing gusto!


You know Suntan and Nedelle
And Paula and Seekonk,
Psychrock and Swingpop
And Baroquepop and Slowcore
But do you recall
You were thinking of buying them all?

Kimchee the spicy label
Had a very rockin' year
And if you ever heard it
You would even say "It's gear!"
All of the major labels
Used to laugh and call it names
They never let poor Kimchee
Play in any money games

Then one foggy Christmas Eve
Some listeners came to say
Kimchee with your sounds so bright
Won't you take my cash tonight?
Then all the rockers loved it
And they shouted out with glee
Kimchee the spicy label
Has CDs for under every tree!


Wishing you a heapful of holiday cheer from all of us at Kimchee!

November 2003

The Seekonk Saga Continues

In the life of Seekonk, album titles and lead singers come and go, but their record release show date has remained stubbornly static...and a good thing too! We celebrate For Barbara Lee, the tantalizing debut CD by this Portland, Maine band with a predilection for "lush and moody" (thanks Brett!) pop, on Friday, November 14th at Johnny D's in Somerville, MA. Shana Berry, the featured vocalist on the album who left the band two months ago, will return to the fold as singer for this special evening. Meanwhile the search goes on for someone to replace her. Headlining the show is our own super swell Paula Kelley and an 11-piece orchestra playing her new disc "The Trouble with Success" in its entirety live. Also on the bill: Lucky 57 and Vitamin D (featuring Dennis Cronin of the Paula Kelley band and the Willard Grant Conspiracy). Seekonk will take the stage at around 9:30.

In Studio

Geoff Farina of Karate, Dan Littleton of Ida, and Luther Gray of The Joe Morris Trio are recording their film music project with Andy Hong this month. Included are their scores for films by Samuel Beckett (Film), Man Ray (Emak Bakia), and Gene Jenet (Un Chant D'Amour).

Compilation Work

Chris Brokaw has recorded a cover of "Bill is Dead" for a tribute album to The Fall on Germany's What's So Funny About Records. He has also contributed a live solo version of "My Idea," recorded at La Cigale in Lausanne, Switzerland a year ago, for a compilation on Sink and Stove Records in the UK.

Name Change

The lovably fickle Seana Carmody has dropped the name "99" for her band in favor of "Shenzhou 5."

Coastal Jump

Blake Hazard and her bestest pal John Dragonetti (Jack Drag) are moving to LA at the end of the month to experience left-coast living. She bravely joins Kimchee artists Nedelle and recent transplant Robert Fisher of Willard Grant Conspiracy to endure the quakes, fires, and Arnolds of the Golden State.

October 2003

CMJ 2003 New Music Marathon

Kimchee is kicking off the annual CMJ Music Marathon's live music festivities in NYC with a showcase on Wednesday October 22nd at Luxx, 256 Grand Street (between Driggs and Reobling) in Williamsburg. That's the extremely happening burg right on the other side of the Williamsburg bridge in Brooklyn.

Kimchee Records Showcase
@ CMJ Music Marathon (NYC)

Wed Oct 22

256 Grand St
betw Driggs & Reobling
Williamsburg Brooklyn

We invite you to drop on by and take in the sights and sounds of Kimchee Records. You shall dig it!

Seekonk Settles

Seekonk settles on a name for their Kimchee album, that is. The Portland, Maine band has christened the debut For Barbara Lee, due for release on November 18th. The Portland Phoenix reports: "I'm fully enraptured by the slow, melodic, indie-rock drone of Seekonk, a dreamy, lush, underwater sort of band. I haven't been able to get the song "Tiny Lustre" out of my head." We think that goes for the whole album, a head trip of some magnitude. Plans are developing for a record release show on Friday, November 14th at Johnny D's in Somerville with the Paula Kelley Orchestra headlining.

Enter Willard Grant Conspiracy

It's been over three years since Robert Fisher and Willard Grant Conspiracy, his rotating posse of folk goth rockers, released their fourth album Everything's Fine in the US on Slow River/Rykodisc. This past summer the follow-up, Regard the End was dropped on the European market. The raves it garnered proclaimed it to be their masterpiece. Uncut Magazine gave it the honor of "Album of the Month" with these words: " They've fashioned an...uplifting, transformative record of extraordinary power." It is with great pride we announce that Kimchee will be releasing Regard the End domestically in February of 2004.

SUNTAN Interview

Check out Fake Jazz for the skinny on SUNTAN, Kimchee's Brooklyn-by-way-of-Boston psych paratroopers.

Hazard! New Website

Don't be fearful though. The only Hazard is Blake Hazard, and she has her own online home at

In the Studio

Tiger Saw is recording this month with Colin Rhinesmith engineering. Jason Anderson (Wolf Colonel on K Records) and Khaela Maricich (The Blow on Knw-Yr-Own Records) are scheduled to guest on the sessions. Seana Carmody is demoing her next record with her latest band 99. Seekonk is beginning basics at Fort Awesome in Maine for their next release...even before their first comes out on Kimchee! Danielle Hylan has replaced Shana Berry as lead singer in the band.

September 2003

From a Kimchee perspective, and inevitably yours (how cocky we are!), September is Paula Kelley's month. Her remarkable new album The Trouble with Success or How You Fit into the World is due for release. Early reviews are superlative. Mundane Sounds says "Kelley has made the double-take album of the year. The Trouble With Success sounds like a million will be floored." Babysue Review says "Wonderfully inviting." Of course we couldn't agree more. Paula has put together a crack 7-piece band that manages to recreate the complex and orchestrally ornate songs on the record with astounding precision. Do not hesitate! Go be transfixed by her live band at the various record release week shows or on Paula Kelley's nationwide tour dateswhich are currently solidifying on into October. Paula's own website is likely to have the most current news on those tour dates.

Here are the highlights for Paula's release week here in the Boston area:

Sun, Sep 14 Lynn, MA - WFNX 101.7 FM live w/ host Chris Rucker (8:30-10:00pm)
Mon, Sep 15 Cambridge, MA - TT the Bear's SWANKY RECORD RELEASE LISTENING PARTY w/ a string quartet, a spin of The Trouble with Success or How You Fit into the World, plus hors d'oeuvres and cocktails (7:00-10:00pm)
Tue, Sep 16 The Trouble with Success is available in stores
Thu, Sep 18 Cambridge, MA - Lizard Lounge Benefit for LexiKhan
Fri, Sep 19 Cambridge, MA - T.T. the Bear's 30th Anniversary Show (at 8:20pm)

In other news:

Tiger Saw have recorded Low's song "Lullaby" for a tribute album due out next year on Fractured Discs.

Karate (featuring Geoff Farina) will be recording an In the Fishtank session for Konkurrant in Amsterdam late in the month.

When is an award not an award but then belatedly becomes an award? Imagine our surprise the other day when Kimchee Records got an advertising plea by letter from Boston Magazine that declared "Congratulations on being named BEST of Boston 2003!!" The first thought we had was, "Heck, we read that issue, maybe we missed something!" So we pored over that fat mag again and still came up empty. Upon further inquiry at Boston Mag's offices we received this email from editor Andrew Rimas: "In fact what happened is that we did award the 'Best' to Kimchee, but the write-up got lost between the writer and the editor who was handling that category... Seeing as you did win, we'd be delighted to give you the award even though the write-up never saw print...September's (issue is) already done, but we're working on a way to get you guys into one of the upcoming issues and draw attention to your success." So we've managed a local magazine hat trick: Best Label Awards from The Noise, The Improper Bostonian, and now Boston Magazine. Now get thee hence and buy a Kimchee record today!

Thankfully this one did manage to get through to the editors at Boston Magazine in the September issue's "Hot List: Boston's Rising Stars." Blake Hazard earned herself a paragraph there: "Blake Hazard's solo debut last year, Little Airplane, on the tastemaker Ipswich label Kimchee, marks her as more of an heir to Joni Mitchell than to her own great-grandfather F. Scott Fitzgerald. Although she's a veteran of the city's indie-pop trenches, having played in Starhustler and Jack Drag, Harvard-educated Hazard's blend of atmospheric sonics and quirky introspection, lo-fi buzz and pop sheen—with plenty of onstage charm—is fuel for a Michelle Branch-style national breakout."

Coming in November on Kimchee: The new album by Portland, Maine band Seekonk. This soon to be legendary "head" band makes music that is sad, warm, and wise. As I write they are on the fourth "proposed" title for the disc. First was "Tiny Lustre. Then "Blackberry." Then up until yesterday it was "O." But some popular mainstream artist recently named his album that. These guys are past deadline. We think it has something to do with living in Maine. Stay tuned.

August 2003


Blake Hazard is nominated for the "Female Singer/Songwriter" and "Female Vocalist (Independent)" categories in the Boston Music Awards. Cast your votes online now!

Kimchee Records is lauded as "Boston's Best Record Label" by The Improper Bostonian.

Coming Soon

We are delighted to announce that Kimchee Records is picking up the new Paula Kelley record for September release. This baroque pop beauty is entitled The Trouble with Success or How You Fit into the World.

New Recordings

27 has a 7-inch due out on Hydrahead Records featuring the songs "Try" and "Night Belongs to Us."

27 is also seeing the UK release of animal life on Undergroove Records with a bonus, two-track vinyl 5-inch of the songs "Animals on the Farm" and "One More Tomorrow (edit)."

Tim Eriksen of Cordelia's Dad has a track entitled "Southern Girl's Reply" on Ain't No Grave, the Dren Records compilation of traditional/public domain songs.

In Studio

Blake Hazard starts basic tracking for her second album.

Karate, featuring Geoff Farina, begins work with Andy Hong for their next full-length.

Cordelia's Dad's Tim Eriksen is returning to Nashville to finish the recording for the motion picture Cold Mountain, including a duet with Jack White of The White Stripes for the end credit song "Great High Mountain."

Band Changes

Rosa Chance Well has a renewed life as a band with new bassist Jeff O'Neal. Coming: a fall tour!

SUNTAN is moving to the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Just the next stop in their psychedelic sojourn...but we'll miss them here in Boston!

July 2003

We are delighted to announce that Kimchee Records is picking up the new Paula Kelley record for September release. This baroque pop beauty is entitled The Trouble with Success or How You Fit into the World. Paula has been "on the scene" for years, playing in Drop Nineteens, Hot Rod, and Boy Wonder, as well as going it alone in 2001 with her solo debut Nothing/Everything. None of this history really prepared this listener for the wonder that is The Trouble with Success. Prepare to be WOWED!

Tiger Saw and Torrez have both contributed a song to a compilation entitled These Are Centre St. Tracks on the new label out of Jamaica Plain known as Centre St. Tracks. Tiger Saw's offering is "I Am So Cold" and Torrez gave them "Transistor." Other artists on the disc include: The Cautions, The Mobius Band, Choo Choo La Rouge, So & So, Delphine, Soltero, Eyes Like Knives, Future Tips, Prime Rib, Verona Downs, and Whistle Jacket.

Sidney Alexis of Torrez begins recording a solo album this month with the remarkable Pete Weiss of Zippah Studios.

Tiger Saw just lost a drummer and gained a drummer. Best of luck to the departing Matthew Kulik and hail fellow well met (what DOES that mean?) to Andrew Nelson, brother of Juliet, the Saw's lovely cellist/vocalist.

And we should've mentioned last month that a new album entitled Soft Spot came out by Clem Snide, for ages one of our fave bands. Pete Fitzpatrick of The Pee Wee Fist has long been a member of the Snide as well, and acquits himself admirably on their lovely latest.

June 2003

Nedelle is coming to Cambridge! Her CD release show for Republic of Two at Edinburgh Castle in San Francisco with the West Coast version of her band was quite the success. Now the East Coast gets a taste, as Thom Moore of The Moore Brothers and Gavin McCarthy and Jeff Goddard of Karate support her at TT the Bear's on Friday June 20. Headlining the show is Wheat, a big Kimchee favorite. Come give Nedelle a warm welcome on her first performance in our fair city!

No wonder Chris Brokaw stays so lean. He's constantly spreading himself thin with all the projects he's involved in. Chris has a new solo acoustic album available now on Normal Records out of Bonn, Germany. It's entitled Wandering As Water and is part of Normal's "Return to Sender" series. Some copies will be distributed domestically through Forced Exposure. The record has 15 songs, old and new, and was recorded Feb. 24, 2003, by Paul Q. Kolderie in Cambridge. Chris also goes into the studio this month to record a new disc as drummer with The New Year, to be released in February 2004 on Touch and Go. And then there is the completed second Consonant album, on which Chris handles guitar duties, due in August on Fenway Recordings. Oh yeah...he's still on tour with Evan Dando too!

OK, it ain't no Spike Jonze production, but Tiger Saw currently has a 16-minute video posted online at It's from a show at TT the Bear's earlier this year.

May 2003

It's six months after their self-titled EP came out. You thought the trip was over and life was returning to its dull grey cast, but along comes the full-length by intrepid psych warriors SUNTAN to reanimate your wallpaper. Send You Home arrives on May 20 and is a mighty head rush indeed. Everyone plans to peak at the record release show on Saturday, May 24 at The Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA with guests Helms and Charlene.

Also coming out on Kimchee on the 20th of May is the sensuous debut by Nedelle from Oakland, CA. Republic of Two is a soulful, jazzy pop delight--its release to be celebrated on the West Coast at Edinbourgh Castle in San Francisco on Friday, May 23 with The Moore Brothers and DJ Joe Quixx. Nedelle is visiting Boston in mid-June for the East Coast unveiling of her new band featuring Thom Moore of The Moore Brothers and Gavin McCarthy and Jeff Goddard of Karate. Details to be announced in next month's news.

A big Kimchee bash is happening Wednesday, May 21 at Johnny D's in Somerville as eight label acts conspire to benefit the Somerville Arts Council, which is experiencing severe cuts in funding these days. The show begins at 8:00 with Heidi Saperstein opening (accompanied by Terry Christopher, sis to Maria of 27, on drums), followed by Rosa Chance Well (their first live appearance in over a year!), Tiger Saw, Torrez (who plan some sort of collaboration with the Saw), The Pee Wee Fist, Seana Carmody, Blake Hazard, and 27. The sets are relatively short (20-30 minutes) and who knows what hootenanny surprises might develop!

Kimchee must stay above the fray when it comes to The Boston Phoenix / FNX 2003 Best Music Poll, because two of our artists are "competing" (you know, necks straining, teeth gritting and all that) in the "Best Local Female Vocalist" category. They are Maria Christopher of 27 and Blake Hazard; and you can cast your online votes for either of them over "been there / done thats" Kay Hanley and Kristen Hersh if you are so moved.

The New Hampshire version of the above contest is the 9th Annual Spotlight on the Arts Awards produced by Spotlight Magazine and the Portsmouth Herald. Some may think it's no contest in the "Best Alternative Band" category where Torrez go up against the rest of the best New Hampshire has to offer, like The Jumbo Circus Peanuts, Thee Monkey Butlers, and Gary Sredzienski and The Serfs. I mean, the names alone (hey, I never denied I was a snot).... Anyway, the voting is over but the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at the Music Hall in Portsmouth on May 7.

And speaking of awards, Oakland's East Bay Express just had a "Best Of" issue. In the music column, Nedelle was chosen as "Best Looking" and collaborators The Moore Brothers were "Most Huggable."

Geoff Farina never rests. Even while touring with Karate overseas this whole season he has been busy with other projects. One is his collaboration with Trip Gray, drummer from the Joe Morris Trio, and Dan Littleton, guitarist in Ida, on some original music as well as scores for films by Samuel Beckett (Film), Man Ray (Emak Bakia), and Gene Jenet (Un Chant D'Amour). They will be performing these pieces on a short tour of Italy from May 16-26 that includes an appearance at the Schermo Sonoro Festival in Pordenone, Italy on May 22. Expect them to touch down locally at the Coolidge Corner Theatre as part of its Celu-Loud Series on June 27th.

Geoff is also planning on finishing the recording of 8 songs this month with Teho Teardo (Italian film composer and member of Operator w/ Scott McCloud, and Here w/ Jim Coleman). They began the project last Dec/Jan. In Geoff's words: "The project is tentatively called 'Hyphen' and is mostly me singing and playing guitar, and Teho making loops and drones and mutating my guitar parts. It's very strange sounding and reminds me of the weirder Secret Stars songs."

This Kimchee guy has had the massive and beautiful tome The Art of Rock by Paul Grushkin gracing his coffee table for years. It brims with the best poster art from the psychedelic '60s through the punk era. Now Grushkin is amassing the best of today's poster artists' works in a book due in the fall entitled The Art of Modern Rock. We've known for years the best has been exemplified in the work by Dan McCarthy, drummer for Helms, and sure enough Dan has been asked to contribute some of it for this project. There's an online gallery of Dan McCarthy's art that you should proceed to post(er) haste!

Speaking of posterboys, former Lemonhead Evan Dando is on tour in Europe supporting his fine new album Baby I'm Bored, and Chris Brokaw (a should-be posterboy for modern day guitar gods) plays in Evan's band as well as opens shows in Germany with a solo set.

And Heidi Saperstein fans will want to know that she is finishing up an album this month at Hi-N-Dri Studios.

April 2003

Blake Hazard is going on a mini-jaunt with maxi-exposure this month to the West Coast to support longtime Dutch faves Bettie Serveert (along with Chris Brokaw) at shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Figuring to be one of the highlights there is Blake's performance/interview on what is perhaps the nation's premier live music show, KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic. Recent guests have included Cat Power, Jurassic 5, Interpol, and Paul Weller. Tune in to 89.9 FM (in LA) or the webcast on April 14th sometime from 9am-noon to catch it!

Cordelia's Dad have a mini-CD out on Dark Beloved Cloud of three previously unreleased songs, available only by subscribing to DBC's CD Singles Club (which does not cost you a penny...only art!). According to the DBC site, the teeny disc features "two faces of this awesome, long-running trio with roots in music much older than they are: a bone-chilling trad. arr. acoustic epic about a terrible, terrible mistake, plus a pair of crest-and-crash electric monsoons."

Speaking of the Dad, there is a photo of Tim Eriksen's celluloid-ready (meaning cute as a button!) baby Luka in this months Hollywood special issue of Vanity Fair magazine. Go to page 419 and see Luka (as William) being held by Rene Zellweger (as Ruby) whose guy is Jack White of The White Stripes (as Georgia), all starring in the screen adaptation of Cold Mountain due out December 25th. (Hey, why the heck did Tom Cruise pull out of the leading role of Inman in this flick anyway, allowing Jude Law to take his place?) As for Tim's role in the movie, he says, "My tiny on-screen appearances are in the role of the "choir master" or something- whatever they end up calling me, they gave me mutton chops and a pompadour. Didn't get to keep them, sadly." For one of Tim's harrowing accounts of the dangers associated with movie-making, scroll down a ways...

Tiger Saw is joining Jason Anderson as Wolf Colonel (K Records) on eleven dates in four Eastern states in the Wolf Colonel Orchestra. In addition to this amalgamated unit, the Saw will perform some songs and Jason will play some acoustic tunes. For the dates, see our On Tour page. Meanwhile we wish bassist Jake Trussell well as he leaves Tiger Saw. Jake will continue on as DJ C and Electro Organic Sound System, plus as a member of Cul de Sac. Tiger Saw singer/cellist Juliet Nelson takes up some of the band's bass duties.

Look forward to two new releases in May. Oakland's Nedelle Torrisi will debut on Kimchee with Republic of Two. And Boston's own SUNTAN have their much-anticipated full-length Send You Home.

. . .

And now this alternately chilling and steamy tale from Tim Eriksen of Cordelia's Dad of what goes on on the set of a major motion picture:

We hung out some with the "Home Economist" whose job it is to cook everything that'll be on-screen, using historically appropriate recipes and materials but observing modern health laws while in a fairly remote Romanian valley. Quite a task. She also had to keep the soup the right temperature for two days of shooting so the steam would be consistent from one shot to the next. One of my favorite factoids about movie making comes from talking to her. She said the script originally called for a pie fresh out of the oven, but she told the director "please, anything but pie!." If they were gonna shoot repeated takes of a fresh, hot pie being brought out and served she'd have to make about 100 pies a day, all looking the same and kept at the same temperature, which is hard to do without burning them. The script was rewritten to use soup. So you can have as much space ships and morphing and exploding planes and flying monkeys as you want, but you can't make a movie that contains a fresh pie. Just in case you were thinking of doing it.

March 2003

Our guitars are the twangiest, our guns are the keblangiest.
Our cows are the Long-horniest, our yodels the forlorniest.
Our cookoffs are the chiliest, our Waylon is the Williest.
Our sausage is the smokiest, our neighbors are the Okiest.

   - "Stupid Texas Song" by the Austin Lounge Lizards

Kimchee'll be twangin' and smokin' in Austin, Texas at the South by Southwest Music Festival. It'd be mighty swell to see you there! Here's the line-up:

The Kimchee Records Showcase
@ SXSW in Austin TX

Thu Mar 13

B.D. Riley's
204 East 6th St

We welcome Oakland's Nedelle Torrisi to our musical family! She's due for a May release on Kimchee entitled Republic of Two. Nedelle's sound has been described as existing somewhere between Ella Fitzgerald and Everything But the Girl, with vocal harmonies reminiscent of The Shirelles. There's a more in-depth look at Nedelle in East Bay Express. It also appears that the rhythm section of the band Karate are rather enamored of the artist and plan to be her backup band on a future album.

March highlights from our On Tour page include:

27's first time tour of the UK and Europe, most dates opening for Isis.

Victory at Sea playing the Midwest on their way to SxSW and the East Coast on their way back.

Feb 2003

Here's solace in the midst of the deep freeze of Winter 2003: thoughts of March and the South by Southwest Music Fest in Austin Texas! The Kimchee Records Showcase is set to wrestle B. D. Riley's traditional Celtic vibe to the ground on Thursday, March 13 . Featured acts at this 204 East 6th Street pub include Thalia Zedek and her band, Victory at Sea, Blake Hazard, Torrez, and SUNTAN. More details to come next month.

SUNTAN is finished recording their debut full-length, scheduled for a May release on Kimchee. It consists of seven songs, which in SUNTAN's hands means close to an hour's worth of music, and is entitled Send You Home.

Chris Brokaw is rehearsing throughout February at the American Reperatory Theatre with the Empty House Cooperative in preparation for the March 1-22 performance of their live soundtrack to Highway Ulysses. The contemporary musical response to Homer's Odyssey was written by Rinde Eckert and directed by Robert Woodruff. The Empty House Cooperative consists of David Curry (viola, theremin, homemade instruments, digital loop samples, singing saw, horn), Chris Brokaw (guitar, percussion), Jonah Sacks (cello, guitar), and Peter Foley (music direction, piano).

There is a fine feature article on the talented Seana Carmody available online at

Bob Dubrow, the Kimchee guy who has also produced the mainstay local music program Pipeline! on WMBR Radio for the last 9 years, is calling it a day as host. His last show is a doozy! It's extended to four hours on Tuesday, February 11th, from 8pm to midnight. The featured live "electric" band for the evening is the newly-reformed-after-twenty-years Robin Lane and The Chartbusters, and special guests playing an acoustic song or two throughout the evening include: Charlie Chesterman formerly of Scruffy the Cat), 27, Chris Brokaw, Thalia Zedek, John Dragonetti (Jack Drag) and Blake Hazard, Robert Fisher of the Willard Grant Conspiracy, and potentially the Pendulum Floors (featuring Audrey of The 360's and sister Laurie), Gary Waleik of Big Dipper, and Roger Miller (I said "potentially," meaning they are all interested but not confirmed). Bob will be jumping over as host to WMBR's weekday '60s-early '70s music showcase Lost & Found on alternate Mondays at noon. Jeff Breeze, editor of the Northeast Performer, will be commandeering the Pipeline! mic from now on.

And in the further adventures of Tim Eriksen of Cordelia's Dad: Tim was asked to fly to the shooting location of the forthcoming major motion picture Cold Mountain in Romania to coach local extras for a scene on how to appear as if they are singing Sacred Harp songs. And then he himself got asked to go before the camera. Look for him along with wife Minja Lausevic and baby Luka in costume when the film comes out next December.

Here are a couple Kimchee act show highlights. See our Tour Page for details on all upcoming shows:

Cordelia's Dad is actually getting together to play a show! Yes, the whole band (along with former fiddlers Rani Arbo and Laura Risk) will be in Nashville attending the Folk Alliance Conference. Tim Eriksen is teaching a Sacred Harp singing workshop and Peter Irvine an Introduction to Entertainment Law workshop. The band will perform several times during the conference, February 5-8. Among other events, they'll be wrapping up the Saturday night Traditional Music Showcase.

And 27 has a four date mini-tour with Steve Von Till of Neurosis and Bee and Flower (featuring a member of Michael Gira's Angels of Light) from Feb 19-22.

Jan 2003

It's 2003! Welcome! Good of you to check in.

Happenings are sparse right now, but you should know that our good friends at the Acuarela Records label in Spain (with whom we've co-released a Chris Brokaw/Viva las Vegas split EP and most recently an EP by Thalia Zedek) just let loose with a mighty 3-CD compilation entitled Acuarela Songs Volume 2. It features three songs by Kimchee bands among the 39 unreleased tracks on the set. These are:

Thalia Zedek - "Never That Mean"
27 - "One More Tomorrow"
Victory at Sea - "Heavy Hands"

The rule behind this compilation (as in Volume One) was that every artist submit a song that uses the word "acuarela" or its equivalent in any language in the composition. "Acuarela" means "watercolor."

This 3-disc set can be purchased for only $16.99 through Darla.

Here's a full listing of the artists on this fab-o comp:

Disc One:
01 Windsor for the Derby 02 Thalia Zedek 03 Natural Snow Buildings 04 Experience 05 Jack 06 Diariu 07 L'Altra 08 Amor 09 Migala 10 Man 11 Victory at Sea 12 James William Hindle 13 Jacques

Disc Two:
01 Manta Ray 02 27 03 Bitter Springs 04 Dominique A 05 The Zephyrs 06 Polar 07 The Strugglers 08 P:ano 09 Grupo Salvaje 10 Encre 11 Mus 12 Lisabö 13 Guimo

Disc Three:
01 Lee Ranaldo 02 The Potomac Accord 03 Anamude 04 L'Altra 05 Green Apple Sea 06 Don Nino 07 The Sophie Drinker 08 Refree 09 Vitesse 10 Sr. Chinarro 11 Timesbold 12 Transmissionary Six 13 Ursula

And to blow our tiny horn a bit, check out Brett Milano's column in The Boston Phoenix, where Kimchee releases took 30% of his year end best!

For Kimchee band show listings in January, take a gander at our Tour Page.

Best to you in the new year!

2002 News

Dec 2002

It's been a crazily productive year for us. And with the twelve days of Christmas coming, you could do worse than to send your true love (or yes, yourself) each and every one of the twelve releases we helped birth in 2002. You do remember the song, right?

Check out our Tour Page for details on Kimchee artists playing live at a venue near you. Below are some highlights:

Torrez has a Tuesday night residency for three weeks at The Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA. Thalia Zedek joins them on the Dec 10 date.

27 is on a mini tour to the Midwest and back.

Chris Brokaw continues his solo tour on European soil.

Blake Hazard also heads overseas to Europe as part of the Jack Drag band.

Thank you to all who supported us in 2002, with special thanks to Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering. We hope to make many more friends in 2003!

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to everyone from all of us at Kimchee Records.

Nov 2002

November is a prolific month for Kimchee CD releases and their accompanying record release shows. The street date for the all the discs is Nov 19. And here is that week's line-up of stellar shows/performances:

New Releases

Record Release Shows

Thalia Zedek - You're a Big Girl Now (CD/EP)

Mon 18 Nov @ TT the Bears (Cambridge, MA)
Thalia Zedek
The Vanity Set from NYC
Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls

Torrez - The Evening Drag (CD)

Wed 20 Nov @ Middle East Upstairs (Cambridge, MA)
Victory at Sea
Abilene from Chicago

See On Tour page for Torrez release shows in other cities.


Wed 20 Nov @ Middle East Upstairs (Cambridge, MA)
Victory at Sea
Abilene from Chicago

Helms - McCarthy (CD)

Sat 23 Nov @ Middle East Upstairs (Cambridge, MA)
Karate (featuring Geoff Farina)
Calla from Brooklyn

In other Helms news:

Helms have a song titled "In the End" on a Christmas compilation being put out by Eskimo Labs. The CD also features these bands: Soltero, The Secrets, Star Star Quarterback, The Burning Paris, Ed in the Refridgerators, Alexander McGregor, The Sea Navy, Shopping, 4am Shifter, Jason Anderson / Wolf Colonel, New Idea Society, John Low and Jen Hill, Tristan da Cunha, California Stadium, The Autumn Rhythm, Alotia, Drew O'Doherty, and Certainly, Sir.

Helms also have a track from their 2000 The Swimmer CD ("The Smallest World in the World") on what appears to be a fabulously packaged Obey Giant compilation put out by Fork In Hand Records. The attending list of other artists include: Mindlikewater,The Hives, BS2000, Peaches, Big D and the Kid's Table, The Lawrence Arms, Avoid One Thing, Drexel, The Suicide Machines, Softball Zero, Gonzales, The No W.T.O., The International Noise Conspiracy, Favorite Atomic Hero, Smackin' Isaiah, The Lot Six, The Icarus Line, The Bouncing Souls, and Modest Mouse.

Thanks to everyone who attended the CMJ Showcase in NYC. We had a lot of fun.

The Kimchee Records Showcase
@ CMJ Music Marathon
New York City

Sat Nov 2

Acme Underground
9 Great Jones St
betw Broadway and Lafayette
in the East Village

Oct 2002

We are mighty pleased to announce that Kimchee Records has a rather massive presence at this year's annual CMJ Music Marathon, held in New York City from Wednesday October 30th through November 2nd. There are three festival shows with 10 (yes, you read that right!) Kimchee bands presiding.

Wed Oct 30 at The Alphabet Lounge
104 Avenue C (near 7th):

    Gregory Douglass (1045p)
    Greg Weeks (10p)
    Torrez (9p)
    Tiger Saw (8p)
    SUNTAN (7p)

Thu Oct 31 at Galapagos
70 North 6th Street between Kent and Wythe:

    Sin Ropas (12m)
    Cordero (11p)
    The Pee Wee Fist (10p)
    Scholars (9p)
    Galloway (8p)

Sat Nov 2 at Acme Underground
9 Great Jones Street between Broadway and Lafayette:

    Thalia Zedek (1a)
    Victory at Sea (12m)
    Chris Brokaw (11p)
    27 (10p)
    Helms (9p)
    Blake Hazard (8p)

We really hope you'll attend the Marathon and make a special point to drop in on one of our shows! Plus it's all too likely that we will have the new discs by Thalia Zedek, Helms, Torrez, and SUNTAN for sale at these shows, almost 3 weeks before their release date!

Tiger Saw's cover of Galaxie 500's Tugboat is now out on the Eye of the Beholder 2 compilation on Tract Records. Also featured on the CD are Annika Bentley, Early Day Miners, Scout Niblett, Thornstation, PID, Picastro, White Star Line, Theath, Silver Apples, racingpaperplanes, Elephant Micah, Nad Navillus, King Me, Robert Deeble, Static is Silver and Rivulets . See the Tract Records website for more info.

Peter Irvine of Cordelia's Dad tells us: "I'm now practicing law in Portland, Oregon, with a focus on helping musicians. So if anyone needs some legal stuff done, they can contact me at <prirvine @>. Not very sexy, I realize, but..." Congratulations, Peter, for passing the Oregon Bar...glad to assist you in "drumming" up some business!

Blake Hazard has a new song on the forthcoming In Our Lifetime Vol. 3: The Revenge of Boston compilation on Fenway Records. It's star-studded with local talent, including: Billy Barrett, The Damn Personals, Heavy Stud, The Kickovers, Insight, The Sheila Divine, Mission of Burma, Kaiju Big Battel, Cave In, Piebald, Jack Drag, Chad Stokes, Papas Fritas, Lockgroove, The Gentlemen, Skating Club, Cracktorch, Fierce Tibetan Gods, Quitter, and Dropkick Murphys with Dicky Barrett. For more info, check out the In Our LIfetime Vol. 3 webpage on the Fenway Records website.

Sep 2002

Not to be missed: The dual record release party on Friday evening Sep 13th at The Middle East upstairs for the enchanting Struts and Shocks by Seana Carmody and the alluring The Good Night by Victory at Sea (now a 4-piece with violinist Taro Hatanaka!). Appearing with them are El Guapo (Dischord Records) and SUNTAN (due for an EP on Kimchee in November). The Seana Carmody Trio books out for a 4-week national tour the next day as does Victory at Sea for 5 weeks (tour schedules available soon on the Kimchee website). Emily Sparks opens for Seana on her nationwide jaunt. Read a fab Boston Phoenix article on both Victory at Sea and Ms. Carmody.

Go ahead. Travel 'round the world in the next 80 days (30 in Sep, 31 in Oct and 19 in Nov.). But upon your return you are likely to find the experience diminished next to the 150 ecstatic musical minutes to be heard on Kimchee's four November 19th releases. And the established titles are:

    You're a Big Girl Now CDEP by Thalia Zedek
    McCarthy CD by Helms
    The Evening Drag CD by Torrez

It's always a treat to hear what Tim Eriksen of Cordelia's Dad is up to as he hobnobs with the stars on the set of Cold Mountain, the motion picture. Here's this month's report: "Well, I'm still on this movie thing. I'm writing from Transylvania, where I'm almost done with my scenes. Our son Luka (8 months old) just got done with his big scene with Renee Zellweger and Nicole Kidman. He plays Renee's baby. I'm working with the actors to get them singing shape note music (like the last track on What it is). Donald Sutherland plays a preacher who teaches the music, and Nicole Kidman plays his daughter. I'm working with her and Jude Law today to make sure they're ready for the scene. We're using a song that Peter led at our recording session in Alabama. If only Cath had been able to be there it would be a genuine band event. It's all pretty hilarious if nothing else..."

Tim will be back from the land of the undead and playing at the Minnesota Folk Festival in Saint Paul on September 21st and 22nd. Check out their website and see how many stages and workshops he's part of.

And speaking of Cath Oss of Cordelia's Dad, she is playing a solo set (singing with fiddle and dulcimer) at the Fire and Water Cafe on Old South Street in Northampton, MA on Sep 6th. She'll be happy to sell you a homemade copy of Whee!...the EP there, consisting of five tracks of her living room recordings (hey, can we get ourselves a copy of that, Cath?).

The "visual" Blake Hazard plays on live on The Coffeehouse on Boston's WERS (88.9 FM) sometime between 6:00 and 10:00 on Wednesday Sep 3rd. A few September dates scheduled with former Lemonhead and "equally visual" Evan Dando follow, and they are: Sep 6th @ TT the Bear's in Cambridge, MA; Sep 7th @ North Star in Philadelphia, PA; Sep 20th @ South Paw in Brooklyn, NY; Sep 21st @ Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ (2 sets). Check out what Stuff at Night had to say about Blake 'n Evan (we thought it amusing in its praise). Photos too!

Playing alongside Evan on these dates is guitar maestro Chris Brokaw, also recording with Dando in Brooklyn this month. Chris paints a couple of cities scarlet with his Big Band (also featuring Winston Bramen, Matt Kadane, Arthur Johnson, Milo Jones and David Michael Curry) in support of his latest album Red Cities. See him on Sep 30th at North 6 in Brooklyn, NY (supporting The Shipping News) and Oct 1st at TT the Bear's in Cambridge MA.

27 is on the Thursday Sep 5th Middle East upstairs bill, a record release party celebrating Oceanic, the latest musical monument by indie-metal behemoths Isis. And why wouldn't they be, considering 27 lent their talents to two of this album's tracks? Then on Thursday Sep 26th, they join a cavalcade of musical acts at TT the Bear's in support of The Animal Rescue League, one of whom happens to be Kim-chick Heidi Saperstein! And in between are some upstate NY/Canada dates: Sep 13th @ Sneaky Dees in Toronto, ON w/ From Fiction; Sep 14th @ The Barfly in Montreal, QC; Sep 15th @ McDonough's in Plattsburgh, NY w/ Picastro, Resonator.

The Pee Wee Fist are kicking off a tour to Minneapolis and back at The Middle East upstairs Tuesday Sep 10th. It's not often those outside Boston get to experience the pleasures of The Fist! The itinerary for you hot 'n' hungry out-of-towners is on The Pee Wee Fist's News and Gigs page.

Dylan Metrano of Tiger Saw ends his Blessed Fire tour with Liz Janes at The Artspace in Gloucester, MA on Tuesday Sep 3rd. Special guest Tony Goddess of Papas Fritas also appears. Then the full band will be at hard at work preparing their score for the classic silent film Nosferatu for some live dates in October.

Aug 2002

Two new Kimchee platters will be arriving at a retail store near you (or online at the Garment District, Clairecords, or Midheaven Mailorder) on August 20th. The first is the latest heap of goodness by Victory at Sea entitled The Good Night, their third full-length by our count. You'll hear songs that return to the morosely vibrant electricity of their previous release Carousel, as well as some of a newly direct, soul-bearing acoustic bent. By the way, Mona Elliott of Victory at Sea will be playing at the Middle East upstairs solo with Joan Wasser, formerly of The Dambuilders, on Tuesday, Aug 13th.

Our second August 20th delivery is that of Seana Carmody's solo debut Struts & Shocks. Seana is revered for her '90s work with Swirlies and Syrup USA, and here she takes her known predilection for dream-pop and noise into sparkling new songscapes for the new century. Man does it taste good!

27 will have a song included in a compilation on the German label BMG Ariola Miller called Lounge Beatz Vol. 2, due out August 19th. The other artists featured on this disc are: Shantel, King Cobb Steelie, Lazy K, Lisa Ekdahl, Kosheen, Alex Cortiz, The Maxwell Implosion, Aim, Bazille Noir, Kimi Chi (Kimi Chi??? who are these imposters!?), Mum, Oleo, Seven Dub, Jill Scott, and Elwood. What international flavors!

On the domestic front, 27 is performing an in-store set at Bullmoose Records in Salem, NH on Wednesday, August 7th with Foxhole. Then they get to play the Beachcomber in Wellfleet on sand-glazed Cape Cod on Friday, Aug. 16th with Mr. Airplane Man and The Downbeat Five. It's one of those Dune Tunes shows, formerly curated by the late Trey Halliwell, and currently torch-carried by his former roommate Graham Wilson of The Weekly Dig. Proceeds from the show benefit a fund set up in Trey's memory/honor.

The Pee Wee Fist and Torrez (forthcoming album The Evening Drag due out in November on Kimchee) will be playing The Milky Way in Jamaica Plain on Friday, August 2nd with wondrous Wryd Folk band The Iditarod from Providence, RI and dark folk chanteuse Sharron Kraus from Oxford, England.

Blake Hazard will be playing live on commercial station WFNX (101.7 FM) on their New England Product show with host Chris Rucker on Sunday, August 18th. The show airs from 8:30-10:00pm EDT and usually the live guests go on at 9:00. No doubt Chris and Blake will chat about "influences" afterward (Blake, please mention Guns N' Roses, DO NOT mention The Beatles...he will love you for this).

Tiger Saw plays as the full band on Sunday, August 18th in Newburyport at EnvyFest and August 19 at the Milky Way in Jamaica Plain with Tony Goddess of Papas Fritas fame, Picastro and Kimchee Records' Heidi Saperstein. Then Dylan Metrano of the Saw embarks for two weeks on the Blessed Fire Tour, playing solo with Liz Janes (singer, guitar/banjo/ukelele player) in the South and Midwest. Visit Tiger Saw's calendar page for more info on these dates.

Update on the adventures of Tim Eriksen (Cordelia's Dad): Tim is traveling to Romania this month to work with the director and actors (see July news for all the big-name stars) of the forthcoming 2003 motion picture Cold Mountain, as well as appear as an extra in the film. Want more info on his recent muckings-about? Check out this fine article about Tim in Pioneer Press.

Chris Brokaw continues to support his rad new solo disc Red Cities with a couple appearances with J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. fame in Albany and Providence on Aug. 1st and 3rd. Then he jumps overseas for shows in England, Ireland, Germany, and Denmark. His itinerary can be found at

Meanwhile Brokaw's former cohort in much-beloved-but-now-defunct band Come, Thalia Zedek (forthcoming CDEP on Kimchee in November), is playing on August 3rd in Spain at the 5-day long 8th Annual International Benicassim Festival (the equivalent of the UK's Glastonbury Fest) with a hugely impressive line-up of bands over which to bemoan one's fate (if only because we live so far away from the event!).

July 2002

On Saturday July 6th, Chris Brokaw has a glorious record release party scheduled at the Middle East Upstairs. Although his album Red Cities (available on big ol' 12'' vinyl from Kimchee) features him and him alone on all instruments, he's pulling out all the stops with the Red Cities Orchestra: Chris on guitar, Matt Kadane (The New Year, Consonant) on guitar and percussion, Milo Jones on guitar, Winston Braman (Consonant, The Count Me Outs) on bass, Arthur Johnson (formerly of Come) on drums, and probably more. You want huge? This is huge. The Curtis Harvey (Rex, Pullman) Band will be playing as well. What a fount of talent this evening brings....

The talent quotient remains uncommonly high as we jump ahead exactly two weeks to Saturday July 20th and Blake Hazard's Little Airplane CD release party at the same venue (Middle East Upstairs). Also on the bill: the wonderful Jenny Toomey (Tsunami, Grenadine, Liquorice, Simple Machines founder) plus Chris Lee! And we've been told of another seriously special guest but aren't at liberty to say "the name" yet. Blake's album is in stores July 2nd and the media reception has so far has been exceptional. Read about Blake in the recently published Boston Phoenix feature. Also, she has a review in CMJ Monthly and a track ("Waiting") on its free compilation CD. And a spot is expected to air on NPR's "All Things Considered" sometime this month.

The band Suntan are debuting with a CDEP on Kimchee in October. It is three songs clocking in at a healthy 26 minutes and a superb introduction to their trailblazing psych/pop epics. We see it as a must-have teaser for a full-length to be released in early 2003. If you want to get a live taste, Suntan are opening for New Radiant Storm King and Purple Ivy Shadows (and another TBA) at the Middle East Upstairs on Wednesday July 10. A god-like line-up, to be sure!

Thalia Zedek has finished recording a CDEP for Kimchee that features four originals and two covers (Dylan and Velvet Underground). Looks like we're gonna share this one with Spain's Acuarela Records as we did the Chris Brokaw/Viva las Vegas split CDEP.

Singer/guitarist Tim Eriksen of Cordelia's Dad, whose brand new What It Is album came out on Kimchee last month, just returned from Nashville. There, under T Bone Burnett's supervision, he supplied the singing parts for actor Brendan Gleeson (AI: Artificial Intelligence, The Tailor of Panama) who plays the part of fiddler Stobrod in the movie adaptation of Cold Mountain, the bestselling 1997 novel by Charles Frazier. Grammy winner and elder bluegrass statesman Ralph Stanley (Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack) and established folkie Tim O'Brien also contributed to the sessions. Jack White of the White Stripes will play the character of Georgia in the film, and the big stars include Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, Renee Zellweger, and Natalie Portman.

Heidi Saperstein is currently back recording after an interruption when the Longhouse Studio moved to Athens GA. Truckstop recording artist and Pedro the Lion contributor TW Walsh is helping her produce her new one.

Helms are playing the Middle East Upstairs on July 16th with Sweep the Leg Johnny and Alotia. They are in the midst of recording their new album for November 2001 release.

27 (new album animal life) is performing on an outdoor stage at Artbeat, a multimedia celebration of all the arts, in Somerville on Saturday July 20th. Other musical acts include the Conway Family (Celtic music performed by kids age 7-12), Paved Country, Mariachi Mexamerica, Reverend Glasseye and his Wooden Legs (dark, twisted Tom Waits-flavored stuff), Jake Brennan and the Confidence Men (rootsy, punk-tinged rock) and Mr. Lif (hip hop). There will also be dance, theater and perfomance art taking place all day long.

Looking ahead: Victory at Sea and Seana Carmody both have new CDs albums due out on August 20. The dual record release party for, respectively, The Good Night and Struts & Shocks takes place on September 13 at the Middle East. And then both bands take off for nationwide tours!

June 2002

Chris Brokaw has found multiple homes for Red Cities, his masterful new all-instrumental full-length debut. Kimchee is releasing the 12'' vinyl version in the U.S (and boy does it look swell!). Atavistic has got the domestic CD happening. And indie-rock godfather Gerard Cosloy of Matador Records is putting out both formats in Europe on his new UK label 12XU. Release dates for all formats/regions cluster around the month of June. Keep an eye on the Kimchee site for your vinyl fix! Chris is scheduled for a record release show at the Middle East Upstairs on Saturday July 6.

What is it? It's a radical departure, their smashingly big rock album. It's What It Is by Cordelia's Dad, now available on-line, locally at the Newbury Comics chain, and nationally July 2. CMJ had great things to say about the disc. You should be getting an earful of it on college radio this month.

Also due for national release on July 2nd is Blake Hazard's Little Airplane. Kimchee family polling results have shown that her debut appeals to Gap-clad 14-year olds, Lilith-fed 40-somethings, and discerning indie-rockers. This is one for the ages, and as my bro' says over and over, "It's so-o-o-o catchy!" Little Airplane hits the college airwaves this month and the record release party is Upstairs at the Middle East on July 20.

27 conclude their cross-country-and-back tour with the home stretch ending June 8 in Rochester, New York. Their stellar animal life, which a scribe annointed as an "instant modern classic, the first widely accessible, no-assembly-required hit album of the year," has been sitting comfortably in the Top 100 on the CMJ charts for weeks now. After a show at the Middle East on Thursday, June 13, they head to CBGB's Gallery in NYC for their not-Boston record release party on Saturday June 22. In additional news, 27 just contributed some parts to two songs scheduled for the next record by indie-metal giants Isis. What a pairing!

Tiger Saw continue to support their dreamy Kimchee debut Blessed Are the Trials We Will Find in June with a short live set on WFNX's New England Product show (101.7 FM) on Sunday June 9 at 8:30pm with rabid punk 'n' hardcore fanboy host Chris Rucker. Talk about a pairing, again! It's webcast too. Then the band do two dates with Skating Club and Emily Sparks (Flywheel in Easthampton 6/10 and Middle East 6/11) and an AS220 night in Providence June 20...followed by leader/songwriter Dylan Metrano going solo June 26 and June 27 in Los Angeles (Silverlake Lounge) and San Diego (Lestat's) respectively with Howard Hello and Liz Janes.

Helms and Thalia Zedek are in the studio recording with Andy Hong this month.

Victory at Sea play the Middle East in Cambridge Saturday June 8 in support of Liquor Tricks' CD release party. Also on the bill are Hello Attack!, who feature on drums Terry Christopher, sister of Maria of 27. This event is a Harlem Greenwood (of Cokedealer) Enterprises production, so consider yourself warned...

Heidi Saperstein is looking for a bassist and a drummer to do shows with and potentially tour. If you think you have the right stuff to accompany this talented songstress please contact.

There's this incredibly good band called Torrez from out of Portsmouth, NH that's been compared to the likes of Mazzy Star/Opal, Cowboy Junkies, and Giant Sand. They've completed their second full-length and are mastering this month. And wouldn't you know, Kimchee is unleashing it in the Fall.

And another newcomer to the label, Suntan, has something up its sleeve for autumn as well...but we'll wait until next month, when your own solar exposure reaches its summer high, to tell you about it. See you then!

May 2002

27's new masterwork animal life is beginning to rack up outstanding reviews. It's available at Newbury Comics in the Boston Area and online at The Garment District and will be inundating the land by June. 27 are leaving for a month-long national tour in support of animal life on May 9. Go to 27's calendar page for tour dates.

The new albums by 27 (animal life) and Tiger Saw (Blessed are the Trials We Will Find) will be featured as in-store plays in Abercrombie & Fitch's national chain of stores throughout May. 27 will also be featured in the 49 Urban Outfitters nation-wide this month. In these cases we'll just pretend that clothes do indeed make the band....

Kimchee has truly fine-tuned its auditory (and optical) nerve toward the loveliest purveyor of the loveliest pop music around. We are sure you will attest to that. Her name is Blake Hazard. Her debut album is Little Airplane. And it's coming 'round the corner to you as June turns to July.

Victory at Sea have finished mastering their new album titled The Good Night. Hear Mona at the top of her vocal game. Experience Mel's daring foray into piano (oh so un-indie rock!). Get to know Carl the drummer. Featuring a bit of violin and trumpet as well. There won't be a dry eye among you when you experience the sublime kick of The Good Night, out in August.

Also due in August is Seana Carmody's solo debut. You admired her in Swirlies. You loved her in Syrup USA. Be prepared for worship, as she's truly outdone herself on Struts & Shocks.

Expect a dual record release party for both Seana and The Victories in August.

Apr 2002

A trifecta of shows featuring Kimchee artists is occuring mid-month, from April 17-19. Allow us to direct you from back to front.

Friday April 19 at Beckett's Pub (1098 Commonwealth Ave., Allston):

    27 (record release show for their full-length album animal life)
    Us Vs. Them

Thursday April 18 at The Middle East Upstairs:

    Kill Me Tomorrow
    The Common Cold

Wednesday April 17 at 608 (608 Somerville Ave, Somerville):

    A Kimchee and Spring Rolls Evening with:
    Victory at Sea
    Chris Brokaw
    Blake Hazard
    The Pee Wee Fist
    Tiger Saw
    Seana Carmody
    Rosa Chance Well
    Heidi Saperstein

27's new CD animal life goes for radio adds on April 16, hits Boston stores on April 23, accompanies the band on a cross-country tour starting May 9, and will be released nationally June 4.

What It Is by Cordelia's Dad will also hit nationally on June 4 but should be available locally in mid May.

Mar 2002

From our "I'm a cowboy who never saw a cow, never roped a steer 'cause I don't know how, and I sho' ain't fixin' to start in now, yippy-i-o-ki-ay" Department:

If you're in Austin, Texas over March 13th you are most welcome to attend our Kimchee Records showcase at the South By Southwest Festival.

The place: The Drink on 6th St. The set times:

    09:00p - Seana Carmody
    10:00p - Tiger Saw
    11:00p - 27
    12:00a - Chris Brokaw
    01:00a - The Pee Wee Fist

Tiger Saw's Kimchee debut, Blessed are the Trials We Will Find, is officially available as of March 26. Their record release performance is at The Middle East Upstairs on Wednesday, March 27, opening for Bardo Pond and Fursaxa.

Geoff Farina's new all-instrumental guitar album, Blobscape, is now available just about everywhere.

Thalia Zedek will soon be recording an EP for Kimchee consisiting entirely of cover songs.

Chris Brokaw's debut full-length album, Red Cities, is scheduled to come out domestically on 12'' vinyl on Kimchee in June.

Victory at Sea are currently in-studio recording their next full-length CD with Andy Hong.

Feb 2002

Victory at Sea are on tour. Tour dates are available courtesy of MHS Touring.

27 have just finished the master of their debut full-length for Kimchee entitled Animal Life, due out on April 23. We think this is going to change your world. You can hear some of their new songs in real life by attending one of their upcoming shows in March and April. Visit 27's calendar page for tour dates.

Cordelia's Dad are releasing their "most rock" studio album yet on Kimchee in late May. Known more for their passionate interpretations of early traditional American music, this shows off the harder-edged material they've been simultaneously mastering since the mid-'90s. It is titled What It Is.

Kimchee Records has been invited to play a showcase on the first night of the South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas. That would be Wednesday March 13 at The Drink on 6th St. The featured Kimchee acts are: Chris Brokaw, 27, The Pee Wee Fist, Tiger Saw, and Seana Carmody. Yes, that's Austin, not Boston.

Jan 2002

In the company of releases from Prince and Radiohead, Victory at Sea's Carousel was called one of the year's Top 10 Pop CDs by Cape Sounds.

Tiger Saw's new CD on Kimchee Records, Blessed are the Trials We Will Find, is being readied for March release. It's a beauty!

Also due to see daylight from Kimchee in late February is a new solo disc from Karate's Geoff Farina entitled Blobscape, featuring 16 instrumental improv pieces he plays on guitar.

Starting on a new album this month are Rosa Chance Well.

2001 News

Dec 2001

In the studios this month are Heidi Saperstein and Seana Carmody (of Syrup USA and The Swirlies).

Nov 2001

27 are on tour in the US through Dec 10. Visit 27's calendar page for details.

Kimchee Records and Acuarela Discos in Spain announce a split CD/EP featuring Chris Brokaw and Viva las Vegas.

Oct 2001

Victory at Sea are on tour in the US through November 4. For a list of dates and venues, visit the tour dates page at

All of us at Kimchee are looking forward to the new Tiger Saw full-length CD. Final mixes were completed this month by our friends Colin Rhinesmith and Aubrey Anderson at The Longhouse. Look for the CD in stores early next year.

Sep 2001

Our friends over at featured Kimchee Records for the month of September. Log in to and download music from 27, Heidi Saperstein, Helms, Rosa Chance Well, The Pee Wee Fist, and Victory at Sea.

Aug 2001

The weekly nightlife/lifestyle newspaper Stuff@Night gave Kimchee Records the title HOT LABEL:

"After a few years of futzing around, the Ipswich-based Kimchee Records label, run by engineer Andy Hong and WMBR Pipeline host Bob Dubrow, announced itself in a big way this year with a slew of stellar new records by a few of Boston's best, most imaginative outfits." Read the complete article at stuff@night's website.

May 2001

Kimchee celebrated six new releases for the month of May, with three shows, three dates, three venues.

10 May
Brattle Theatre (Cambridge)

Damon & Naomi

A night of quietcore at the Brattle Theatre with Damon & Naomi headlining? How cool is that?

Soon to be superstars, Clairvoyants played selections from their debut CD Your New Boundaries. It's a limited-edition pre-release with hand-pressed artwork. The band are in contract negotiations with a bigger label. (This is top secret, of course!!!). But suffice it to say that this disc will be re-released sometime in the future (with different packaging, of course). Get it now, and be one of the first to hear it. (And if you get it from Kimchee, you'll have the stunning hand-pressed artwork!)

27 have a beautiful 7'' picture disc with two new songs. It's a teaser for a full-length Kimchee CD coming out in the Fall.

17 May
Middle East (Cambridge)

Victory at Sea
Rosa Chance Well

Padz, featuring two members of the now defunct Lynx, opened up for an evening of Kimchee bands:

Tiger Saw are in the studio now recording a full-length for Kimchee.

Rosa Chance Well's self-titled debut CD is now available on Kimchee. The two main members, Vanessa and Dean, were in Samuel (Art Monk Construction). Vanessa was also in the Wicked Farleys. Guest musicians included Gavin McCarthy and Jeff Goddard from Karate and Chris Brokaw from Come. For this evening's live set, Gavin played piano!

Helms have a CD (The Swimmer) available on Kimchee, released late last year.

Victory at Sea, just back from a two-month tour through the US, have a CD on Slowdime Records out of DC. For all you vinyl fans, a 12'' LP of Carousel is available from Kimchee.

24 May
Lilli's (Somerville)

Thalia Zedek
Heidi Saperstein
The Pee Wee Fist
Eric Royer

The Pee Wee Fist finally have a CD available! It's called Flying, and it's on Kimchee of course. The band kicked off the evening with an extended live set featuring two drummers and a horn section.

Local superstar Heidi Saperstein followed. Her solo CD on Kimchee showcases her amazing vocal and guitar skills, and it features guest appearances from members of many prominent Boston bands.

Thalia Zedek, who has a new solo record on Matador Records, headlined the evening, joined by the other members of her band Come.

And throughout the evening, the attendees were treated to the one-man band sounds of Eric Royer, "The Bluegrass Contraption Guy." He simultaneously sings and plays banjo, dobro, kazoo, harmonica, and uses his feet to play "the guitar machine"--via foot pedals it strums a guitar and hits a cowbell with a golf ball.

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