Seekonk and 27 Splits

No real split-ups in sight…just split vinyl. 27 has yet another one out as of September 1 that they share with Austrian band Bug. It’s also a split label release on Noise Appeal Records and Interstellar Records , both out of Austria. 27‘s side consists of rarities and out-takes, and is on purple transparent vinyl with handfolded covers.

Meanwhile Seekonk is recording this month for a 3-band split (oh all this sharing is postively heartwarming!) on Viking Ninja Records. The other bands are Conifer and Moneycastasia. All three bands were asked to record a 15-minute song, two to be recorded inside of huge forts located on Casco Bay off the coast of Portland, Maine, with the third song captured being played inside of an empty no. 2 heating fuel tank in South Portland’s tank farm. Seekonk has reserved Battery Steele for their session. It’s a cavernous World War II island bunker system featuring a 1/8 th-mile long underground concrete service tunnel. To quote the band: “Reverb city, man!” A Christmas release is planned, with a DVD included with the audio showing the “making of” the recordings.

Shhhh…I think I hear sounds coming from my septic tank right this minute!

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