Victory at Sea Heats Up in More Ways than One

Drummer Dave Norton of Victory at Sea was unfortunately the victim of an electrical fire that started in an upstairs room in his home around 3 am after the conclusion of a heavily-attended July 4th barbecue party. The people living and staying there scrambled to get everyone outside as the house quickly caught fire. Everyone was thankfully saved, although one person suffered a 2nd degree burn.

The Watertown Fire Department responded quickly, but much damage had already been done. Dave lost all his material possessions except for his drums. Scott Buoncristiano (ex-Strictly Business, Pizza, Powerquest) lost all of his guitars. Dave, Scott, Jay (The Swiss Army) and Matt (Strictly Business and Powerquest) were all rendered homeless.

On August 13, thirteen bands which all feature at least one employee of The Middle East (many of whom were at the barbecue that day) will unite for a benefit for the victims of the Elm Street fire at The Middle East Downstairs. Here is the line-up:

Victory at Sea 12:15-12:45
Helms 11:40-12:00
Certainly, Sir 11:05-11:25
Prime Movers 10:30-10:50
Mad Man Films 10:00-10:20
Dirty Holiday 9:30-9:50
Dorkbot 9:10-9:20
Tramps Like Us 8:40-9:00
Modelo ’78 8:10-8:30
Tiny Amps 7:40-8:00
Big Bear 7:10-7:30
Fragile 6:30-6:50
Wild Zero 6:10-6:30

Meanwhile, Victory at Sea is recording their fifth full-length album this month with Andrew Schneider engineering for eventual release on Gern Blandsten.

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