Paula Kelley Reassembles Out West

Paula Kelley has begun assembling her new West Coast version of the Paula
Kelley Orchestra. New drummer Matt North also plays for Mink Stole, bassist Pete Aragon and trumpeter Lilly Aycud both play with Elmer Bernstein’s daughter Emilie in her band Story of M, and the keyboardist is Mumps co-founder Kristian Hoffman- cool creds, eh? The songs the new band is learning are almost all new, in anticipation of a string of shows in July and August.

And a new band featuring Paula is also afoot! In June she played her first official show as guitarist/vocalist for the Dilettantes, a pop outfit featuring Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo) and Michelle Lewis. We thought there were some East Coast dates scheduled for The Dilettantes, but just discovered the’ve reverted to Kay Hanley solo shows . Well darn it all!

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