10 Years of Kimchee Part One at Middle East

The first of two nights to celebrate 10 years of Kimchee Records is now firmly established at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA for Friday, December 29th. Playing that evening in no particular order:

  • Thalia Zedek
  • Paula Kelley Orchestra

  • Heidi Saperstein

  • Willard Grant Conspiracy

  • Chris Brokaw

  • Victory at Sea

  • We expect doors to open early at 8:00 and the music to start very shortly thereafter. Tickets go on sale at the Middle East this Friday October 27th. In addition to the stellar music, we’ll be featuring some raffles of the entire Kimchee catalogue (minus whatever is now sold out) as well as Korean food!

    Part two of 10 Years of Kimchee Records is still being nailed down for the following week, so stay tuned.

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