The Jeff Goddard Report

We’re happy to share news from the world of Jeff Goddard, as he (along with Gavin McCarthy) has been an important player in many Kimchee-related projects over the years (Karate with Geoff Farina, Nedelle, Heidi Saperstein, Rosa Chance Well). Jeff moved to Gent, Belgium on September 1st to live with his lady love. Before he left, however, he and Gavin spent two days recording an album’s worth of material for a project titled Possible Path. It features bass and drums, sans voice, as well as some samples and effects. According to Gavin: “In terms of music, think everything from minimal ambience to frenetic improvisations to deep grooves.”

After Jeff’s Belgian leap, he had a marvelous Branca moment. In his words:

I was thrilled to be part of Glenn Branca’s Hallucination City, Symphony #13 here in Belgium, playing the part of BASS 4. Last week was only the 3rd presentation of the symphony and the first outside of the US. The symphony is written for 80 guitars, 20 basses, and drums. Our group was about half the intended size, due to the difficulty in finding enough people to read the parts and who could commit to 11 hour rehearsals. With 1700 measures over 4 movements clocking in at just over an hour, this piece is one of the most incredible things I have ever heard or been a part of. The piece was performed twice in Gent, and once in Kortrijk this past weekend. Even at half the size it is surely the loudest music I have ever experienced. I found concentrating on the score hallucinatory in itself due to the volume, something akin to the world either beginning or ending. Not for faint ears.

We wish Jeff well in his new life in the land of chocolates, monastery brews, and waffles!

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