Kimchee 10th Anniversary

Didja think we’d maybe forgotten the fact that in this year of 2006 Kimchee Records hit the 10th anniversary of its existence? Well no…it only slipped our minds until more than half the year slipped by. It was in March 1996 that we co-released (along with Slow River Records) the Pipeline! compilation CD , a collection of live tracks taken from the archives of the local music program Pipeline! on WMBR in Cambridge, which at the time I (Bob Dubrow) hosted and Andy Hong (the other Kimchee founder) engineered. March 2006 and the rest of this year has been something of a downtime for the label without a new release to promote, so thoughts of our “venerableness” (thanks Jonathan Perry!) were not topmost on the mind. But this past August it struck me: I realized most of the acts for whom we’ve released CDs over the past 10 years were still in existence! Knowing the attrition rate of bands on most label’s rosters, this seemed something worth celebrating in itself. And it inspired me to start planning a couple of showcases that could also, a touch belatedly, commemorate our 10th year on the planet.

Things are still a bit sketchy, but here’s the scoop so far: There will be two Kimchee at Age 10 shows, one the last week in December and the other the first week in January. And these musical forces have already said they will surely, or more than likely, play:

  • Willard Grant Conspiracy

  • Chris Brokaw

  • Tiger Saw

  • Victory at Sea

  • Geoff Farina

  • The Snowleopards featuring Heidi Saperstein

  • Paula Kelley

  • 27

  • Seekonk

  • Seana Carmody

  • Thalia Zedek

  • Hilken Mancini & Chris Colbourn

  • Cordelia’s Dad reunion

  • Rosa Chance Well reunion

  • So now you know. Stay tuned for more information!

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