Geoff Farina-Related Disc and…Nuptials!

A year-and-a-half ago
Geoff Farina
made a recording with Nathan McBride (bassist w/Ken Vandermark, Pandelis Karayorgis) and Luther Gray (drummer w/Joe Morris Trio), and now it has seen the light of day. Entitled Almanac, it is Volume 4 of Atavistic’s Out Trios project, a series of trio recordings by the likes of Steve Shelley, Nels Cline, Jeff Parker, Lee Renaldo, and Tom Rainey.

And on a more personal note, Kimchee is pleased to congratulate Geoff on his rapidly approaching wedding day this September 2nd! Geoff marries his 6-years long sweetheart, whom he met in Padova in 1998 at Karate’s very first Italian show. They will exchange rings at the church in the center of Pordenone, the city where she was born and raised.

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