Tiger Saw Diaries With Boston Phoenix

Boston Phoenix
has invited Tiger Saw to submit diary entries while on the latest of their many cross-country tours. Here is their intro to the invitation:

Here at the Phoenix we’ve been big Tiger Saw fans for a couple years, marveling at the ease with which Newburyport native Dylan Metrano expands, contracts, and mutates his ensemble. We’ve also been lurking on Dylan’s blogs for a while — it was, in fact, through one of his posts that we came across a then-unknown singer-pianist named Casey Dienel, who has been an occasional Tiger Saw member when she’s not out bowling over mini-Pitchforks with Pavement covers. Today Tiger Saw kicks off a cross-country barnstorm through cafes, bars, and bed-and-breakfasts, during which the group will swell from three members to perhaps a dozen; then again, maybe not. You never know. We asked him to document the whole thing and post some mp3s and stuff, and he was gracious enough not to say no. Stay tuned . . .

Meanwhile, the band has a new song titled “To Drown Tonight” up online that they played live for the 8/07/2006 installment of the No Love For Ned show.

And their cover of Kimya Dawson’s ‘It’s Been Raining” is available on the new Kelp 2- CD set, which is part of a monthly series of hand-packaged CDs produced by Karl Blau and sent out out to subscribers.

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