The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of…

It’s a short gig, but worth mentioning for its schlock value: Tim Eriksen and Peter Irvine of Cordelia’s Dad will be performing with the Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Singers as the Von Trapp Family Singers! The sound of this music will be heard shortly after 6:00pm for about 15 minutes on Tuesday, August 15th at
Transperformance 16
at the Pines Theater at Look Park. From the Transperformance website:

Transperformance is the annual end-of-summer bash produced by The Northampton Arts Council and the PTOs of the Northampton public schools to support arts enrichment in Northampton’s schools and in the community. The theme this year is Family. Local bands will cover groups that have family in their name or have members who are related, such as: The Jackson Five, The Neville Brothers, Sly and the Family Stone, The Kinks, and The Carpenters, to name just a few. Many of the area’s finest musical performers are donating time to create a memorable event that will have our community rocking.

Other “family” bands being re-created at this event including The Plastic Ono Band, INXS, Everly Brothers, Oasis, Sonny and Cher, Allman Brothers, Paul McCartney and Wings…and the list goes on!

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