Helms Drops Their New One

It’s been almost 4 years since the late 2002 release of their last disc McCarthy , but Helms has their third album, Secret Doors , ready to go on their own brand spankin’ new label
Plants and Brains
! The original version of this was completed well over a year ago with Kimchee’s Andy Hong engineering…and then, as Tina McCarthy puts it: “We decided we wanted to make a bunch of changes with bass sounds, and some lyrics and vocal stuff.” Kevin Micka at Small Church ended up recording the final version. A colored vinyl edition will soon be available through History Major Records. The record release show is this Saturday, August 5th, at the Middle East upstairs with Victory at Sea, Tiny Amps and Viva Viva. And there’s an interview with Sean McCarthy in the Weekly Dig this week

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