Latest Tiger Saw in the Can / Remix with DJ C

Tiger Saw finished recording a follow up to 2005’s Sing! early this month, scheduled to be called Tigers on Fire. Recorded with engineer Jim Reynolds (who also moonlights in the band), the album features members of the Paula Kelley Orchestra, the Danielson Family, Ponies in the Surf, Unbunny and Lazarus. In addition to the usual slew of originals, there will be covers of songs by Kimya Dawson and the Wailers. And the sound? Dylan Metrano states: “Dance, soul, ska, R&B, space rock, love rock, lullabies, folk, etc…”

And there’s this from the Boston Phoenix:

DJ C, Featuring Tiger Saw, “Fish Town Freighter (Remix).”

Beat scholar, party scientist, remixer of M.I.A., and ragga maniac DJ C is the busiest man in Boston these days: he’s prepping a half-dozen releases on two continents, including seven inches, 12 inches, CDs , and dig-only downloads, with [cohorts] ranging from Kid606 to Ghislain Poirier. But this song is our favorite of the batch: part of a digital-only EP coming out next month on Providence’s Cozy Music, it’s a hard-riding take on a soft-focus track by Newburtyport indie rockers Tiger Saw. C defibrillates their strummy haze, dials up a shockproof heartbeat, and loop their plaintive boy-girl vocals into gorgeous dub-step reverie.

Here is the free download.

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